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    Nine Stripes Podcast: Talking with PFCOntario

    Die-hard York9 FC fan Eric Pronio brings his outspoken (and probably biased) opinions to the internet. Focusing on York9 FC, but also touching on all things CPL, Canadian soccer news, worldwide soccer news, and pop culture.

    On today’s podcast, Maxwell Mowbray (aka @PFCOntario) joins the pod to talk about his love for Pacific FC and the CPL. Eric also gets into the 40-man Gold Cup Roster for Canada, and has a quick preview of the second leg between York9 FC and AS Blainville.

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    • Arfield gave us a boost because he is a fantastic player. If Ferreira is playing anywhere close to the level Arfield was back then, there is no way he is interested to play for Canada.   Think about it, this guy has been approached multiple times by Canada over the years and refused, and even as recent as 2018 he stated he wants to get back into the Portugal set up. The only way he considers Canada in the future is when Portugal becomes unrealistic to him, and he may not be interested even then. If you offer me the current versions of Straith and Ferreira, I am going with Straith. 
    • https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/02/toronto-fc-rookie-midfielder-achara-suffers-season-ending-acl-injury Oops, just when things were about to get going.  Too bad, Chara looked very lively, we could have used him with a crowded schedule.  I guess we'll get a steady diet of Mullins.....  
    • After staying healthy and getting a good season finished, THEN Ferreira would have to become interested in playing for canada, THEN file a switch eh??  Weirder things have happened, ie Arfield coming at 27 and that was a real boost to the program.  Straith working his way back into the picture seems much more plausable.  
    • That was a terrible attempt of defending on the Weston Mckennie goal. 
    • I agree with this too. I think it's good to keep Straith and Jakovic (possibly Edgar too) in and around the set up if they are in form, but Waterman, Didic, Miller etc., these guys are the future. More importantly for me is that we don't hang our hopes on Ferreira. If he really turns it around with some outstanding performances for his club then he's back in play as far as I am concerned. I just don't want to jump the gun on that. I mean, people can do what they want obviously. If anyone is excited about him feel free to keep getting excited. It's just that I am personally more interested in the players who are committed to us or at least are expected to be, such as Waterman.  I need to see a little more from uncommitted players is basically what I am saying. 
    • I can get down with this. I really like his profile. Very technical but haven't paid too much attention to his defending. I get the sense he is sound enough defensively.
    • Bassong may have a higher ceiling than Adekugbe, but if we have an important WCQ today I am going with Sam. Miller would arguably be a better choice. I like what Bassong has to offer going forward, but our issue isn't scoring it is keeping the ball out of the net. I would sacrifice a little going forward in exchange for some stability, unless we are playing a minnow, then I actually want to see Bassong. Again, I want to put the reminder out that our sample size is small with this guy, plus the lack of minutes with his club may foreshadow issues we have yet to see. I know he is young, but that's not an excuse in Belgium, where young players are given chances. What does it tell us about Bassong that he hasn't gotten more of a chance? Something? Nothing? 
    • I'd rather see what abzi can do. 
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