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    • TGAA_Star needs to learn how to use the multi-quote function. And yes I am definitely in favour of users getting banned (after warning) for spamming the same thing over and over and over again.
    • Agreed!  I met up with him in Philly for a Gold Cup Quarter Final against Honduras back in 2009 - prematch Cheesesteak sandwiches and all.  Haven’t heard from him in almost 10 years.
    • Has the dickhead been nuked, finally? I didn't get my notification. 😆
    • I don’t know, but I might have that dubious record in the thread below! I did feel self conscious about rattling off 7 straight replies, but in my case it was a passion project thread that most people didn’t care about or didn’t think there was anything to discuss and it took about half a year to post all those replies.
    • Congratulations, Gramps!  Looking forward to seeing Liam on the bench for the Reds once the league returns, and the Bundesliga loan for next season sounds brilliant. Hope it gets over the line.
    • Please shut the hell up you inbred fucktard. Your two cents worth on every topic is neither necessary nor wanted. What is wrong with you...besides enjoying hearing yourself talk? Why don't you just sit back, read and learn something for a change?  There are so many posters on here that make valid contributions even though they may be contradictory to each other at times. But most importantly they are willing to listen to other opinions without need for constant rebuttal. Also they don't feel a need to ramble on incessantly making multiple consecutive posts like you do. If you have something valid to add...please feel free to do so. Otherwise shut the **** up. I will now await my next banishment by some lame ass moderator that has a comparable IQ as TGAA_Star.
    • I often think about how we'd match up against them now. It is an interesting comparison, because both are commonwealth nations with similar geography and population, but also because they finished 5th in Asia last cycle. They could be a possible opponent in the inter-continental playoff (although we are hearing rumours of Oceania). Australia beat Honduras to qualify for WC 2018. I agree our firepower/potential upfront is better, but they probably have more depth and definitely more experience as a team. 
    • Re Sweden, saw an interview a few days back on BBC where they interviewed Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell -  He talks about how there is immunity according to his discussions with scientists and how there's no documented re-infection of people who have had the coronavirus, only re-occurance since they carry it in their body. They were discussing how Sweden had done well overall not going into a lockdown and just using social distancing, getting fresh air and exercise to stay healthy instead of staying home and the detrimental lockdown effects on the health of people. They had a bit of an uptick in cases last week of April and first week of May but have slowly come back down in daily cases except for a few spikes here and there.  
    • I would take some of this with a grain of salt.
    • InBeom, Adnan, Godoy, Cavallini??  Must have spent some of it, I hear the managers office got redecorated.  
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