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    • Here's what is actually in the article: ... “Easton was actually a free agent at the end of the season, so he was one that we got into negotiations with right away, because any team could have come in for him,” Paulus told CanPL.ca. “We got that done and dusted as soon as possible, and we have him locked into a two-year deal. We’re delighted to have him back.” ... Think you are reading more into that than is actually there.
    • (take long sigh, puts arm gently around shoulder of the new forum member) Son, you must not be from around these parts, amirite?
    • Going nowhere fast in Vancouver, so why not? 
    • Looking forward to Canada v USA home and away rematch in Oct 2021.  😎
    • This wasn't a problem until CONCACAF decided to use the FIFA rankings instead of the CONCACAF rankings.   Yeah the CSA is frugal because THEY HAVE NO MONEY! Did you know that at the end of 2017 the CSA had just $2.3 mil in cash on hand? Read it. It's in their 2017 Financial Statement.   That was in a year when nothing was going on. What money they had for this year went into preparing the women for the WWC. Next year, they'll be even more stretched with men's and women's Olympic qualifying.   Yet somehow, they're supposed to find money to (presumably) set up a training camp in Florida in January and play two friendlies. And not just that, after the WCQ schedule is announced, they have accept making less money so as to "reward" Halifax/Calgary/Winnipeg with a game.   I'm sorry, not just one game. Maybe two. Or three.   Give me a break.
    • Final rankings after November window.
    • I'm actually pretty confused about why it's so negative around here. Yes, we're not in a great position but why is everyone acting like its over? El Salvador are planning on having friendlies with "higher-level European squads" in March. Why is this not getting talked about more? They looked very poor in their last two games.  I can pretty easily see them losing to these European nations and losing valuable (10ish depending who they play) FIFA points in the process. Yes, they could win these matches and we would be too far back to catch them, but all is not lost just yet.
    • You absolutely echo me there (regarding the lack of friendlies) and the pressure/hole the bloody CSA has now put themselves into!!!!!!😡 They have to be delusional if they sit on their laurels and provide no solution to the situation!!!!... Look where this stance has gotten them, to look no further!!! CSA gotta leave all bloody frugality aside and right the ship on this!!!!.... We should all send in a petition, lmfao!!!! 😉
    • Bermuda are quite good away from home; the non-HEX route is dangerous.
    • our best hope right now is to try and get our ranking close to ES to give us leverage to the point they can't refuse to play us, a scenario where beating us would 100% solidify their spot on the hex, but also run the risk of them not making the hex if they lose. the CSA has A LOT of work to do, ultimately our lack of friendlies is coming back to bite us in the ass, and the cheap bastards better acknowledge that and get to work in trying to fix it NOW
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