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    • What I have noticed mostly is that he's not really learned to play to his big body as yet.  Too many times I saw him get out-positioned and outmuscled by smaller defenders in what should have been to his advantage.  What he impressed with on the wing last season is that he's a big guy who surprised opponents with a smaller man's game:  good foot skills, a sneaky burst of pace to get some separation, and the technical skills to play in a dangerous ball, not to mention the cracker he scored last season.  That said, the management signed two new wingers and drafted a Cancon one to join their DP centre forward as well as their incumbent attackers from last year (Reyna and Montero), so there was a lot of  competition for minutes prior to Covid.  Perhaps his camp felt that he would be lost in the numbers?  Who knows  Speaking of a possible move abroad for Bair, what happened with Simon Colyn's rumoured move to Holland last year?
    • Henry set them up to park the bus. The formation said everything.
    • Reality is TFC isn’t going to get every kid in the GTA. As we seen with Liam, and many others. Academies are also not about mass turnover, like MLS teams. Reason why there’s a need for more than one professional academy. Majority of the Canadian Professional talent pool is from Ontario, specifically the GTHA. It also speaks to the whitecaps organization, because they seem to focus on scouting outside vs developing players from inside their province. I know you can’t compare Vancouver to Toronto in population size, but where are all the BC players? Not one player in the CMNT is from BC - that’s so weird.
    • Yah but even in the Champions League the team just seemed boring. I'm just wondering if like other European coaches he'll rely on Euro wash outs and undervalue Latin American players. It's happened before
    • he had a win and a draw in his first two mls games so really too early to seriously point fingers
    • Simple, those people are nothing more than corporate bootlickers. People who back and support an organization that is owned by a Bell/Roger's joint venture like organization.....it screams of maximum cuckoldery.  I have yet to hear from you. I told you...it will be a bonding experience. 
    • I think I would rather play beer pong with FC Dallas than watch the Impact play. Terrible team to watch. At what point do people blame Henry because his decisions seem odd. Tabla & Quito looks like they're most dangerous players
    • Tabla & ZBG should start. Mtl are not good and at least they're exciting to watch
    • But then he was bad in midfield in the second half also..again losing balls in his half..and again they gotta stop playing with so many defensive minded players..taider piette wanyama in the middle and three cb's is too much..not enough forward play not enough creation..and urruti is not a finisher so will get very tough if you put him as the lone cf..piette looks closer and closer to becoming a sub..lassi and orji were bad and gotta step up..something like a 4-2-3-1 could be more interesting..but I see why hes going with three at the back..fanni is very good but if hes only with one other cb its maybe too much space to cover for him and in any case he slows down in the second..if he wants to stay with three at the back at least put the right guys..brault at right wing back not piette..not bad from tabla at the end wanna see more of him
    • That is good to hear.  He is still so young it would be great to see things get back on track.  
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