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    • Even with Eustaquio taking his D-MID games??  Piette  got a hell of a head start, but will the second half of his national team carer go as well??  Atiba who has lasted until age 37 and is a long way off....I'm still skeptical.  Hutch probably wont pass JDG.  
    • Desiree Scott pulls out of the NWSL Challenge Cup for personal reasons.
    • This was the one friendly match he played for Portugal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fERoGd1hss Not a great match for him.   This post did not age well!  A Liga NOS team, just like a team from any other top league, does not sign a player if they think there is a 0% chance he will play.   I think so too. When he was playing for a top tier Liga NOS team, winning titles and playing in Europa league he got to play one friendly with Portugal. That's it. One match (in a camp with two friendlies - Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't even present)! There was likely a sense that he felt he could fight his way into the squad again if he proved himself during that camp; an old generation of centre backs were on their way out. There had been Benfica transfer rumours in the previous year. Now he is playing for a bottom tier Liga Nos team. When you look at other centre-backs: -Rúben Dias got his first call for the camp in March 2018, the camp right after the one Ferreira played in, and has since had several caps: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rúben_Dias -Even guys like Domingos Duarte and Rúben Semedo are getting calls. Portugal just has too much depth; always more young players coming up through the ranks to pick from.  If he gets regular minutes at Belenense he can fight his way into our 23 man squad without too much difficulty. To be able to play for Portugal again would require a comeback of epic and improbable proportions. And would he even get more than a few minutes here and there if he somehow, unlikely as it is, made that comeback?   That interview was over a year ago now. I wonder if his perspective has changed. We had some good moments at the Gold Cup and the USA game at home. If we get stadium games with crowds again in the next 3 years he could play at BMO Field in front of friends and family; clearly he had a Portuguese dream but don't underestimate the attraction this could have to him given what he has had to deal with in the last 2½ years.
    • Except if there's a real shot at a world cup participation.  He has no reasons to commit to us tomorrow or even during the WCQ in the middle of COVID. But if Canada actually qualifies and Herdman calls, he'll wear the jersey. The world club is the dream of every footballer and playing in one can drastically increase someone's value going forward. I think if we get to the "oct" or we are in good position in the "oct" to qualify, he might be the one making the call as an "overdue" returning the call situation...  "Hey, remember me?" He'd be the CB playing at the highest level available to us. If he's 100% healed and plays consistently, he's an automatic starter for Canada
    • With Nations League and what not we aren't going to be in circumstances where we're aren't playing the barest min. in any given year anymore.  Still, not every player is going to be available for every moment of their career for NT duty either. One of the D's just for the simple fact they both have a healthy start and A LOT of years in front of them.  Sounds funny measuring Piette's days already, and I do rate him, but...  
    • If he becomes a regular rotational player in LigaNOS he’s automatically in play for us as a potential starter...it’s very possible as mentioned above that he wants nothing to do with international play given his calamitous injury history 
    • When Covid hit, Lille was comfortably in 4th in Ligue 1, but only scored 35 goals in 28 games.  If David even makes a slight dent on a team that really couldn't score last year, he will be noticed elsewhere.
    • If anyone does it I am confident it will be Piette. He has played in 8/11 matches in the last year. Assuming he stays consistent with his caps and I think he will it would take him only 6 years to reach 100  caps I think.
    • David to Lille is not a bad move at all. Its a prestigious enough club such that if he completely kills it there then the possibilities for him moving forward are endless (any top 5 club in the world would chase after him then)
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