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    • Regardless he's still: - under contract with Cruz Azul for 11 months - on loan for 6 more months to Pacos - on course to be a free agent in January 2021  
    • No, with 6 or fewer months left on their current contract players are allowed to enter contract talks with other clubs and can sign pre-contracts; the key point of the Bosman ruling is that when a player's contract expires in the EU they always have the ability to sign with a club in another EU country on a free transfer. Previously, a club could still demand a transfer fee from a foreign club if they wanted to sign one of their out-of-contract players. The player could still sign domestically on a free, but this meant that clubs could block an out-of-contract player from moving abroad. Regardless, the Bosman ruling itself has no relevance here because Eustaquio is in Mexico.
    • But they’d have to wait the 6 months until he could actually transfer right? Or they could pay Cruz Azul and get him right away. At least that’s how it works in my FIFA career mode lol
    • I've also noticed that teams like the Marconi Stallions and Melbourne Knights, Gold Coast and a few others are the ones that seem to be involved with this AAFC and pushing for A-League pro/rel.  If I remember the A-League did NOT want "ethnic" teams in the league. I am not sure if pro/rel will be viable for Canada or Australia because of the travel costs. Do you see a D2 happening with pro/rel happening for either country?? (i.e a full pyramid)
    • I will support the rebranded team, the Impact will still be a part of me.
    • If he has 6 months or less on his contract he can sign with any club he wants based on the ruling of the Bosman court case. 
    • Yes but are you still a impactsupporter? 😀
    • If he has 6 months on his contract in June, that means he’s still under contract. Which means he still could be sold in the summer, just at a lower asking price at what they could possibly get now.  Also his loan expires in June, so he technically can’t be sold now unless it’s to Paco or his loan is cancelled(which could come at a cost to Cruz Azul or in some cases not possible - especially since he’s a key piece to his team) One things for certain is that he’s in a good position come the end of season.
    • Looks like Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé might be joining the Wanderers, he played for the Fury at the Grounds in the Voyageurs Cup in 2019. He'd be a perfect fit for them I think, exactly the kind of box-to-box midfielder Hart wants in his system.  
    • And maybe that thread should go in the 'Players" sub-forum. Many thanks for these interviews!
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