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    • Right now it's natural grass, but they are switching it out for artificial turf. The track removal isn't 'official', but it's what club officials have told some of us sshers. 
    • For me it is more convenient for the team to be where it is now (although I only got out to the stadium one time last year). But here is why I think they should build a stadium. 1. They said that was their plan. If they aren’t going to, they better at least tell the fans. 2. They are currently playing outside of the region they are named after. 3. New stadiums tend to draw fans out in significantly bigger numbers. Of course location is very important, but a new stadium has the potential to draw significantly more fans than a championship season.  I wont put down another number, but can someone refresh my memory on if it is natural grass or artificial turf? Someone above mentioned plans for the track being removed, is that confirmed? Will the field be made bigger then?
    • Just thought I'd drop this here. Something that isn't just a twitter feed. May have some legs now? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/jeff-hunt-ottawa-soccer-canadian-premier-league-1.5432238
    • ya Mel Lastman is a no brainer, there's packed events there all through the week.   I just started day dreaming about having a stadium where the Square itself is. That would be amazing lol. 
    • I live at next to Fairview mall and York Lion is such an easier trip than BMO for me. Lots of young professionals settling into the new condos on that stretch of Sheppard East. If they knew, lost of them would go to the stadium on weekends to check out the games. F it, I'll promote part time for a fee.
    • Yes, he's terrible and obviously have no idea what he's doing. He told me and my friend that there were budget reasons for not going to the locations I gave him... Am I'm like B---- Please.... Go to Mel Lastman Square when it's pack during the week, get yourself a table, sit down and promote  So infuriating 
    • Tbf to Ben, I don't think he is in charge of pricing (thouhg I might be wrong), and he was very responsive to feedback and questions. I've heard the issue is simply resources/funding for the marketing side. I mean it's flabberghasting that they needed fan volunteers to distribute ssh scarves at the game for example. When they did try a concerted attempt at bringing people out - albeit with free tickets - it was a huge success (I am talking about the Voy Cup game against Montreal). That game showed the potential, and it truly was a top 10 all time live soccer experience for me - in terms of drama and atmosphere
    • Zayandehroudi was awful for them last year..got the ticket pricing completely wrong..hes probably on some heavy contract otherwise would be gone
    • Yep. I also live in North York. Travesty that this isn't the focus. We just have so much more density here than the suburbs too.
    • Most of North York aren't aware the team exist due to bad/inexistant marketing. York & North York alone could make this team a massive success. For some reason the Ben guy isn't acting on multiple calls to let go of Vaughan Mills and promote the team at the following locations -Eglinton West, Yorkdale Mall, Sheppard-Yonge, North York Station, Yonge & Eglinton, Fairview Mall, North York and York TTC subway stations Living in North York, people here goes to events happening in the area, we just have no advertisement going on AT ALL. F'N unacceptable 
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