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    What to do about Ottawa

    Duane Rollins

    Multiple sources in the CanPL and in Canadian soccer have confirmed that the Ottawa Fury will struggle to be sanctioned after 2019, if not sooner.

    “Who is going to sanction them,” one source said? “They may get a ‘pity’ sanction for 2019, but beyond that?”

    Another person working in the game suggested that the CSA will be reluctant to directly challenge the Fury, but that they are working behind closed doors to challenge the legitimacy of the club playing in the US-based USL.

    “They won’t say anything publicly, but they are hoping CONCACAF steps in.”

    The suggestion is that CONCACAF may ban teams outside the top flight from participating in leagues outside their country. This would be in reaction to not just the Canadian situation, but also in the Caribbean where several teams have attached themselves to US leagues now and in the past. There is a movement within CONCACAF to create a D1 pan-Caribbean league and having clubs play in the US makes that more challenging. This could offer an opportunity to stop the practice moving forward.

    It’s also difficult to justify the three Canadian MLS teams, if you ban teams from below the top flight. Especially if, as the CSA has suggested, the CanPL is launched as a Division 1 league. It would seem that at the very least you would need to acknowledge that CanPL is a D2 league, if you were to allow TFC, the Whitecaps and Impact to remain in the American league, while barring Ottawa entry into USL.  

    Not everyone believes the CSA is ready to take the so-called “nuclear option” of denying sanctioning. There is a significant amount of people that are hoping that the Fury can be convinced to join the league, although everyone I spoke to today agrees that the likelihood of that happening for 2019 is close to zero.

    Regardless, it is clear that the idea that the CSA and CanPL are supportive of the Fury’s choice, as has been reported in Ottawa, is completely false. It is possible that the Fury will be allowed to play 2019 in USL, but it will not be with the blessing of the governing body. The best the Fury can hope for is the CSA’s silence.

    More tomorrow…

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    Yes, I could see a "pity" exemption for 2019 but beyond that, I too hope that CONCACAF would step in but yes, at the same time, it would perhaps be necessary for the CSA to alter the recognition of the league to 1A to open the door for the CONCACAF. Second Division could be damaging.

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    • I have no issue with them making money. More power to them. This entire debate started because someone mentioned that TFC deserved to start the Voyageurs Cup in the semi-finals so they can take part in the Leagues Cup. To which my response is no ******* way.
    • Sorry if I missed it but Pulisic is confirmed out. Looks like Berhalter is going to get Dale Mitcheled.
    • Perhaps worth bearing in mind that as things stand revenues generated off the CWNT are being siphoned through CSB to help prop up a men's national pro league that has no plans for a women's national league beyond a vague stated aspiration to set something up in future. The problem with expecting too much out of CSB is that we don't have something comparable to sanctioning Mexican international and club games for a domestic audience of 12 million Mexican-born immigrants and the second and third generations that are still into soccer available. If we did you can be sure that the CSA and CSB would be exploiting it to generate as much money as possible.
    • Out of curiosity I just did some quick math on David. This calendar year he has scored 27 goals for club/country. A David hat trick against the USA for a even 30 would be great haha.
    • To be fair, I wouldn't be against some sort of friendly tournament or just one off in-season friendlies for CPL teams. CPL is at a different place than MLS. MLS is more mature and should get over that infatuation in my opinion. CPL still needs to collect eyeballs (and money) any way possible in the near to medium term. MLS should focus on other things like not playing during international windows, and trying to do what they can to build CCL winners.
    • Fair enough but I am not playing in the game.  And I can take any hurt that comes: I have been a Canadian, West Ham, Saints and pretty lapsed Oilers fan for a number of lean years.  The speculation and scenarios is honestly part of the enjoyment for me. 
    • Both of our goals and David's early chance were all created from making them turn the ball over as they tried to work the ball in to the middle third of the pitch. The US are so un dynamic and flat. They're solid but especially without Pulisic we should just pressure their backline and midfielders just like last game. The most dangerous player at not only doing that but quickly turning that in to a dangerous scoring opp is Davies
    • I think the payroll and player recruitment have been more responsible for those results.  Don't they have the highest payroll in the league? Regardless, it's not always obvious if the good results are due to Vanney, or despite Vanney.
    • Anyone who has played any high level of sport learns never engage in goal differential and who are we going to play next scenarios.  The key, which I am sure JH has them focused, is play the damn game and focus on that and only that - the rest will take care of itself.  As fans we should do the same - otherwise, it lends itself to a hole lot of hurt later when when we thought we should win by X but instead we lose by Y and we don't make the next round.  Never count your chickens before they are hatched. Stay focused at the task at hand.
    • I'm not surprised. My opinion is why don't we suck blood instead of getting our blood sucked? Campeonese Cup is just a a way for the MLS to try and get money from the Mexican American market. Just like US soccer plays endless games against Mexico and 80% of the crowd are cheering for Mexico. American sports marketing basically wants to market this sport to those people, this sport to those people and this sport to those other people over there. Canadians don't fit in to any of their marketing demographics. They basically would rather we didn't really exist because we don't fit in to any of their buckets. And us being better than them really doesn't fit their little storylines
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