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  • What to do about Ottawa

    Duane Rollins

    Multiple sources in the CanPL and in Canadian soccer have confirmed that the Ottawa Fury will struggle to be sanctioned after 2019, if not sooner.

    “Who is going to sanction them,” one source said? “They may get a ‘pity’ sanction for 2019, but beyond that?”

    Another person working in the game suggested that the CSA will be reluctant to directly challenge the Fury, but that they are working behind closed doors to challenge the legitimacy of the club playing in the US-based USL.

    “They won’t say anything publicly, but they are hoping CONCACAF steps in.”

    The suggestion is that CONCACAF may ban teams outside the top flight from participating in leagues outside their country. This would be in reaction to not just the Canadian situation, but also in the Caribbean where several teams have attached themselves to US leagues now and in the past. There is a movement within CONCACAF to create a D1 pan-Caribbean league and having clubs play in the US makes that more challenging. This could offer an opportunity to stop the practice moving forward.

    It’s also difficult to justify the three Canadian MLS teams, if you ban teams from below the top flight. Especially if, as the CSA has suggested, the CanPL is launched as a Division 1 league. It would seem that at the very least you would need to acknowledge that CanPL is a D2 league, if you were to allow TFC, the Whitecaps and Impact to remain in the American league, while barring Ottawa entry into USL.  

    Not everyone believes the CSA is ready to take the so-called “nuclear option” of denying sanctioning. There is a significant amount of people that are hoping that the Fury can be convinced to join the league, although everyone I spoke to today agrees that the likelihood of that happening for 2019 is close to zero.

    Regardless, it is clear that the idea that the CSA and CanPL are supportive of the Fury’s choice, as has been reported in Ottawa, is completely false. It is possible that the Fury will be allowed to play 2019 in USL, but it will not be with the blessing of the governing body. The best the Fury can hope for is the CSA’s silence.

    More tomorrow…

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    Yes, I could see a "pity" exemption for 2019 but beyond that, I too hope that CONCACAF would step in but yes, at the same time, it would perhaps be necessary for the CSA to alter the recognition of the league to 1A to open the door for the CONCACAF. Second Division could be damaging.

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    • time to move on for brault and the club...fell to a sub past two seasons...assi we could say is doing ok in cpl and isnt going to be an mls player anytime soon if ever...to be seen on rea if he can bounce back start somewhere in mls and make montreal regret it
    • Hopefully. And a move away from relying on university teams to fill out rosters.
    • After watching this tournament play out, I think its safe to say we were all a little harsh
    • Not sure what's difficult to understand about Halifax being by far the strongest performer on attendance on a per capita basis in the city concerned despite appearing to have the least soccer friendly demographics at the outset. Understanding what went right there and trying to emulate it elsewhere in other midsized markets would arguably have been more sensible than still trying to make York United work five years after what unfolded in 2019 and going on to repeat what happened in that context to a certain extent with Vancouver FC.
    • I wonder if they will extend the season now    
    • Nailed it.  This is Renard's way.  Did the math and value calculations.   
    • His option has been declined by CF Montreal. https://en.cfmontreal.com/news/cf-montreal-exerices-options-on-four-players-for-the-2024-season It looks like he was on $95k USD. https://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide How much do you think of his salary was paid by Ottawa and how much was paid by Montreal? Do you think he would sign directly for Ottawa again at a lower wage or try his luck outside the CanPL?
    • Apparently it’s $275k, which no, isn’t massive, but that’s the 11th highest salary on the team, comparable to players like Robert Taylor and Billy Sharp, but I also think he’s likely going to look for a raise. To your point, no it’s not egregious for a bench player, but Montreal is an extremely cheap team. He’s earning more than Choiniere, more than Lassiter, more than Corbo, a full $100k more than Waterman. Montreal want their bench players to be local guys like Kone, Vilsaint, Saliba, guys that can come in, get paid like $75k/yr and play like the rent is due (which it likely is).    edit: per @Olympique_de_Marseille above I may not be looking at the right salary numbers, but I do think the bottom line is that Montreal doesn’t want to pay guys six figures unless they’re going to earn a couple million off the transfer. They want to cycle in unheralded local guys and hope that they can get transferred before the salary increase kicks in.
    • I wouldn't say that. He was the focal point in attack on a bad Valour team that lost more than they won. It would be nice to see him contribute on a contender
    • Yes he was, several years ago, but the guy has 30MLS games under his belt, I hope he swill catch on with another MLS club.  But maybe like Crepeau or Sirois he still needs to drop down, really kill it for a season before he can catch back on in MLS.  
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