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    • Okay, but do they really play in harmony? I get the feeling Thiago does his thing, Goretzka his. Maybe you are right though, I'll pay more attention.
    • Agreed. But we'll see how good a coach Mista is, with such short time to set things up. And how much the Atlético name and legacy pushes the team to be competitive, the demand on that side is different from every other club in CPL, if the players want to take up the implicit challenge.
    • I watched Thiago play for Barça youth, I still remember an amazing promotion playoff when the B team went up to 2nd division.  But hey, I have a very clear memory of watching Arteta play for Barça youth. Same tradition of great organizing mids (Milla, Guardiola, Arteta, Xavi, Thiago), which we have lost. And then the player who is supposed to take over, Arthur, we are treating like crap and won't play. Did I mention Iniesta?  There was a great article previewing the match in El Pais talking about Kimmich, as the least talented of a long line of much better mids for Bayern and Germany, recent comparisons being Schwansteiger and Effenberg. It was quite interesting, because it asked if Thiago was more important to the team than Kimmich. IMO if Thiago had a player to complement him, a reall baller but maybe stronger or more direct, then Bayern would be able to play more successfully up the middle, which they don't really do. 
    • With 5 subs becoming the norm it would be in our best interest to have whatever the maximum is on the bench. More important for us now than when we were less deep.
    • Game day is likely all controlled contractually, as all space is paid for by sponsors. But maybe a club you are working with would allow a gesture on our behalf, like in a training session. Think Valour players who have National team call-ups, for example, as a link to our support.
    • Maybe, but I think you have to be aware there is a certain etiquette when these deals are being done. If that is respected, then teams work well together. In the present, and the future. If you know a team is being investigated for overspending, make a deal that allows them to declare less this fiscal year, announce they are paying less, accept a deal in installments, and back off a bit on exposing the entity you are signing with to further UEFA scrutiny.  I realize Gent needs to justify to their fan base they are getting the best deal possible, but since it would be an amazing deal at 20% less, no need to push that way. This is pretty basic, and fairly important in club relationshios, but I understand it seems like a nitpicky idea in pure contractual terms.
    • Kamron Habibullah looked like a really exciting player at the U17 level. He's underage and I think he'll be eligible for 2023 but he might make the team.
    • I don't believe that is correct. You can sub in any of the 12 players on your bench. It's not like club football.
    • That's true. You can only dress 18 though, as far as I know.
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