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    • I think pro rel could work with mls and soon will likely have to work. Does anyone really expect the Colorado Rapids to keep up with LAFC and Atlanta United. They would just have to sell both tiers as the same entity. Sponsorships, media etc. You could also reconfigure US Open Cup to maybe a group play to get that crossover. It can be done. They would just need to get creative in the structure and maintain a level of revenue sharing and media engagement in both tiers
    • Interesting to go back and look at the roster from 2016 qualifying.  Four have disappeared from the pro scene. Eleven have or will be playing in the CanPL. 1- GK- Maxime Crépeau | CAN / Impact Montréal2- FB- Johnny Grant | CAN / FC Montréal 3- M- Giuliano Frano | USA / Seattle Sounders FC 2*4- CB- Jackson Farmer | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC 25- CB- Luca Gasparotto | SCO / Greenock Morton FC6- M- Chris Mannella | CAN / Toronto FC7- M- Mauro Eustáquio | CAN / Ottawa Fury FC8- M- Jay Chapman | CAN / Toronto FC9- F- Anthony Jackson-Hamel | CAN / Impact Montréal10- F- Caleb Clarke | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC11- M- Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé | CAN / Impact Montréal12- GK- Quillan Roberts | CAN / Toronto FC13- M- Michael Petrasso | ENG / Queens Park Rangers14- M- Samuel Piette | ESP / Racing Ferrol15- M- Ben Fisk | ESP / Deportivo La Coruña B16- M- Molham Babouli | CAN / Toronto FC II17- M- Hanson Boakai | CAN / FC Edmonton18- GK- Ricky Gomes | POR / AC Malveira19- CB- Skylar Thomas | CAN / Toronto FC II20- M- Dylan Carreiro | SCO / Dundee
    • Would be a great learning experience for us if we were to qualify before World Cup 2026. 
    • Sanoh with HFX comes from a college in PEI where he scored over 100 goals.
    • An article on Fraser on TSN. Looks like they have someone doing stories from the staff and not just using CP. https://www.tsn.ca/opportunity-knocks-for-toronto-fc-midfielder-liam-fraser-1.1450023
    • So most people were wrong it means they were right? I said he would do what he's done for all the reasons he has done what he's done. Phonzie is a freak, (not because he could do a couple step overs and run fast)MLS is underrated and it's easier to play great football playing with great players. I said that and I heard other people say it. I also said he has undeniable star quality. Clearly that's also true. So when your right your wrong?
    • To be fair, there’s no way most people thought Davies would be doing what he’s doing and so quickly.  He’s there because of a series of injuries in the Bayern squad that resulted in him getting playing time.  I don’t see what Kristian Jack has stated to be in any way negative; conversely, he’s been pretty supportive of Canadian soccer and Davies.  
    • Waterman should get lots of playing time with Camacho and Raitala out with injuries for Montreal. This should help him to get over the early jitters he had. With experience he should be a regular member of the CB rotation for the CMNT.
    • He literally does it all the time in fact. He did it yesterday and admitted that he's done it in the past. He said anyone who thought he would factor in to Bayern so quick would be kidding himself. He said that because he was on record saying he wouldn't. So now he has. So that's a really funny way of saying you were wrong. Why would you accuse me of not telling the truth about information that is publically accessible? Look he's a pundit. He gives his opinion. Doesn't mean he can't be wrong. Media people are on the air all the time shaking pom poms. I'm just curious to know why he's so reluctant to shake pom poms for Alphonso Davies? And further.. this is why soccer media in this country sucks. We have one or two guys who go around and everyone accepts them as the gospel. For instance I was watching Fox Deportes last night after Leon lost and they were having a melt down. 5 guys arguing completely disagreeing. All I could think is wow, you would never see anyone challenge any opinion on air talking soccer in Canada
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