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    • I have to agree with Jeffrey here. It is so important that the coach play a guy correctly. Adnan is better as a left midfielder IMHO, and the club is better served with Gutierrez at LB. Finding the right situation for players lifts spirits on and off the field.
    • What does everybody think of CPL's Best XI?  Looks strong including the "Substitutes".  Any misses? Anybody headed to higher leagues? I wonder if the Whitecaps will revisit Sissoko or Chung. How about Zator in Vancouver? Would he be up to the challenge? https://canpl.ca/article/canpl-cas-best-xi-of-the-island-games-wanders-and-forge-lead-the-way Cheers!
    • https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2040320
    • I think Montero has playmaking capabilities that can paper over the serious lack of a creative midfielder. I would like to see those two continue to play together while the whitecaps try and figure things out.
    • I think that you are both right.   i figured out from watching the TFC team in 2017-18 that in MLS, 2-4 players can really make a difference and give you a false impression about other players on the squad and of the team as whole.    In 2017,  the team set records for wins in a season (later broken) and when i was watching them,  I would see a team that still clicked when the bench players would come in as subs and the team wouldnt miss a beat when some of those 2-4 key guys were rested (or had short term injuries) on any given night.   I was thinking and even commenting here about the impressive talent depth.  In 2018 there is a rash of long term injuries as a result of the short off-seaon and long CCL campaign.   Some of those bench players (who looked so impressive in 2017) are thrust into roles of starters and key players for longer stretches.  I was convinced from the squad depth ( I had assumed from watcing 2017 squad) that this was still a play off team. Instaed,  TFC 2018 was looking like a USL team for most of the early part 2018 and ended up with one of the five worst records in the league even after some of returned from injury. Atlanta is another example. People raved about Julian Gressel and his future when he was playing for them when they had Almiron, Martinez, etc.   Now he is barely an average player in the league, if that.   Soccer is a lot like basketball in that star talent can elevate everybody else and make a lot of people look better than they are. Different from hockey and football for sure.   Makes me re-think how the 50 years of canadian soccer might have looked with just the one player.  
    • Not sure if anyone else has this problem but whenever I try to screen mirror the game onto a TV, the audio is delayed.
    • I feel like we now have a rivalry with Haiti for what could have been.
    • Unless there are demonstrably better referees in Canada than those currently being appointed to CanPL matches, the point is moot. It's a brand new league in a country which has lacked sufficient professional football for nearly 30 years. Just as we need the players to use CanPL to develop into international calibre, we also need the league as a breeding ground for elite-level coaches, physios, analysts, and yes, also match officials. We're just building the pool at this point.
    • And that's the NEW badge, you should have seen the old one.  
    • Ali Adnan shows off his super talent once in about every 4 matches. In the other 3, he's merely okay, with some flashes of his ability, in a couple, and he's God-awful in the other. He's not good enough, consistently enough, to justify his salary. Couple that with a ready replacement already in place in Gutierrez, and it's clear that the DP slot can be put to better use.
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