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  • Top 25 Canadian players in CanPL for August

    Duane Rollins

    The stated goal of the Canadian Premier League is to develop Canadian talent while also helping soccer culture grow in each of the markets teams are located in.

    To speak to the former, this is the first monthly ranking list of the Top 25 Canadian players in the CanPL.

    Ultimately, the list is subjective. Please join the debate!

    The next list will be published on Sept 29th.


    Top 25 for Aug 29


    25th - Nico Pasquotti (1995-Winger-Calgary)

    The man with the throw leads off our top 25. A key player on a stacked Calvary side.

    24th - Anthony Novak (1994-Forward-Hamilton)

    The type of player that would have likely gone further in the game if only the league had started about 5 years earlier. Still, he’ll have a long career in CanPl should he wish with a great eye for goal.

    23rd – Ben Fisk (1993-Winger-Pacific)

    Always a fan favourite with the NASL Eddies, he has been a key veteran presence on an very young PFC. Another guy that will have a long run in CanPL if he wants.

    22nd - Nathan Ingham – (1993-GK-York)

    He would have been much higher a month ago, but recent mistakes drive him down. A passionate and cerebral player that might sometimes try a little too hard, but one of the league’s breakout players.  

    21st - Louis Béland-Goyette – (1995- Midfielder- Winnipeg)

    It’s been a frustrating year in Winnipeg, but you can see the talent is there. If Valour could stabilize Béland-Goyette could take off.

    20th -- Kadin Chung – (1998-full-back-Pacific)

    Chung has put himself solidly in the Olympic qualifying conversation. Pacific isn’t good – they are so very young – but you can’t help but love the opportunity they are giving players like Chung.  

    19th – David Edgar (1987-defender-Hamilton)

    We all love the youth, but there is something to be said about the importance of veterans coming home to finish their career. Edgar’s calming presence has been key to Forge’s recent form.     

    18th -- Mason Trafford – (1986-defender-Calgary)   

    Similar to Edgar, just with more time in the league. Not flashy, but key player on the best team in CanPL so far.

    17th – Kadell Thomas – (1996-Forward-Hamilton)

    Sadly just a little too old for Olympic consideration, but still young enough to move up a level. Needs more consistency. But, that goal, man.  

    16th -- Kwame Awuah (1995-Midfield/Wingback-Hamilton)

    He came in with high expectations and has delivered. Is it enough to return to MLS, or similar?

    15th – Matthew Arnone – (1994-defender-Halifax)

    Gritty and underrated due to Halifax’s struggles. The Wanderers have been particularly disappointing on the domestic talent front – Arnone has been an exception and a player that could be in the league for a long time.   

    14th -- Matthew Baldisimo – (1998-midfield-Pacific)

    If he’s not in the Olympic mix then someone should buy John Herdman an OneSoccer subscription. Another nice story out of Pacific.

    13th - Dominic Samuel – (1994-defender-Hamilton)

    Everyone talks about Forge’s attack. If they are to close the gap it will because the back-line caught up.

    12th -- Easton Ongaro – (1998-Forward-Edmonton)

    And trending up. Yes, he scores from 5-yards, but he scores. A lot. And he’s just getting started.  

    11th -- Luca Gasparotto—(1995-York-Defender)

    There have been a few OH MY GOD WHAT??? moments, but on the whole he’s been a rare bright spot for struggling York.

    10th – Connor James  - (1996-GK-Edmonton)

    Admit it. You didn’t think of James for this list. That’s because he just quietly goes out and does a solid job every game. Like a keeper should.  

    9th -- Elijah Adekugbe –(1996-midfielder-Calgary)

    If Canada wasn’t so stacked at his position, he would be in Herdman’s plans. Many in Canadian soccer have been waiting for Adekugbe to break out for a while. The wait is over.    

    8th –Kyle Bekker – (1990-midfielder-Hamilton)

    Many expected a bit more (and that others have surpassed him is a net positive for the league), but he’s hardly been poor. A key building block for Forge moving forward.

    7th – Dominick Zator – (1994-Defender-Calgary)

    A great example of how the Whitecaps failed to take advantage of talent in their system. A massive piece of the best team in the league.

    6th -- Terran Campbell – (1998—Forward—Pacific)

    “Whitecaps reject’ is a compliment, apparently. Olympic eligible and in the mix for the Golden Boot. Yummy.

    5th -- Noah Verhoeven – (1999-Midfielder-Pacific)

    The best all-around talent among the Pacific kids. If they can figure the depth out they will be a power in 2-3 years (unless the kids have been sold, which would also be wonderful). Also, are we looking forward to Olympic qualifying J?

    4th -- Marco Carducci – (1996-GK—calgary)

    A baby in Keeper years, Carducci is a good guess to the question ”Who will Canada start in goal in 2026?”

    3rd -- Michael Petrasso – (1995—Mid/wingback-Winnipeg)

    Winnipeg really missed him for periods of the season. He might have the best raw talent in the league.    

    2nd – Ryan Telfer – (1994-Winger-York)

    TFC is delighted with his progression. A true late bloomer, Telfer will almost certainly be playing at a higher level next year.  

    1st -- Tristan Borges – (1998-winger-Hamilton)

    Quite simply the best all-around player on this list and possibly in the entire league. With a bit more offensive consistency he could play a couple levels higher. And, he’s Olympic eligible

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    • I think this fits into the discussion in the other thread about european development vs. Canadian/North American, because even though he's only played 120 games, and he is a late bloomer, but he did play 4 seasons of university soccer before that. if Waterman was an 02 instead of a '96, would he have gone to university in Canada, or would he have been signed by a NextPro team, a CPL team, even the NCAA scouts Canada more closely now than they did a decade ago- and this is ignoring the many more european opportunities that are available to canadians now. I think the next player who follows in his footsteps is going to naturally develop at a higher level, because our soccer development is at a higher level.
    • Played Canadian University soccer too
    • Every rehearsal space in Vancouver is now a condo. Doesn't help.
    • Looking at highlights from TFC-Nashville. MacNaughton was 100% responsible for Zimmerman's 84th minute headed goal. He was clearly tasked with man-marking him. On that play, he was slow off the mark when Zimmerman broke toward the goal, and couldn't recover in time to get up high enough to challenge his header. On Sapong's penalty win, he was angled toward the central ball carrier (Mukhtar?) and when the ball was played across he was unable to intercept and then turned awkwardly and wasn't able to recover to challenge Sapong. It appeared that both Mavinga and Bradley had a play on Mukhtar, so one could argue his decision on the play was poor, but the slow turn was fatal. He did some good things in the game too, but CB's are judged on their mistakes, and he made two that led to goals. Not egregious, fall-on-his-ass, or silly challenge mistakes, but subtle mistakes that a better CB probably would not have made. Not two of them anyway.
    • With the talk of McNaughton over Henry, I can at least see Herdmans logic for picking Henry. But in comparison of Henry and Waterman it has to be Waterman. He plays regularly for a top team. Plus he actually has alot more experience with playing with current cmnt defence than Henry does.
    • Given how entrenched he is with England's youth right now, I'll definitely take that. 
    • Osorio having a monster season by the way. 8 goals yes, but also 6 assists as well. If he stays healthy he's going to hit double digits for both. And what about Edwards on 6 assists? That really stood out for me! Thanks to @Corazon for compiling these lists, yet again. Appreciate it bro.
    • Shame. There goes his chance at making the squad.... Joking aside, great opportunity for him. 61 caps, 17 goals, an active MLS player for the current Voyageurs Cup holders, and someone who bridges the gap between the generation of pain and the generation of glory. Seems like a great guy as well. Excellent choice for a panelist!
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