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    • 3 - Jeff hunt was part owner of the Ottawa red blacks. I have no problem with CFL people in the CPL and I am super happy we have a league. My issue is that there starting look like there are cracks in the foundation and we have gone backwards. Yes COVID has screwed everything up, but you can’t blame COVID on everything. Also my bigger issue is that just because someone in the media writes article about the CPL issues and short comings, their top guy cries foul and acts like a baby. To me that looks bad on them and makes them look like they don’t care about the problem and they don’t want to address them. It’s like oh Canada we created this league for you, worship us and we’re doing a great job we are 1st tier league, When they are not even paying  the players and players are jumping ship. Something smells here.
    • Think a lot of this is inside baseball too. Really name me a North American league where the fans don't hate the commissioner?
    • I hear ya in theory, but the business side affects the sporting side...no?
    • Does Bradley have the legs to execute a high press that I am reading Armas wants TFC to play? Although I am not a big fan of Delgado would he not be better suited for that role? 
    • One of my main issues with Rollins is that he treats TFC with kid gloves.  This looks like he has an axe to grind. 
    • You really only need a couple of players from each year-group to make the jump to top level footy in order to have a deep player pool.  If you look at the age spread of our current senior match-day 18, the ages are all over the place.  Getting 2 top players from this group is success to me.   Throw in Akinola (would jump into consideration for us right away if he signs up), and the prospects of Dunn, Okello, and Baldisimo, and I think this is a pretty damn good year.  
    • I think if fans cared more about the sport and less about the business we’d be in a far better place. 
    • Herdman is not going to be fired in the middle of WCQ because of poor Gold Cup results. That just doesn’t make any sense. Even if we cared and took the Gold Cup seriously, it doesn’t make sense to change managers, systems, chemistry, etc right in the middle of qualifying. Like it or not, Herdman is our manager for the 2022 WCQ cycle. 
    • I hear you to a certain extent but compared to 5 years ago, we probably wouldn’t have had that many playing professionally for all of the U23s
    • Baldi, Ayo, Okello, maybe Dunn are all good prospects. Not everyone can be Davies or David.
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