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    • Well I assume this was in mid-November because that is when the tweet is dated. 
    • Impressive, to say the least, but should work wonders for us as well (pending he can keep up this form going for an extended period) and has done quite well in the last few games with us tbf!!!!!!... His defensive aspect was also up there, at least in the 3 games leading up to the return match against USMNT ... I'm sure he is also keeping up with his defensive duties at club level as well!!! In a little bit of an irrelevant note, his ability to take free kicks reminds me of Laurent Ciman, lmao!!!... I'll take a CB that can pitch in with the odd goal here or there (dead balls or whatever) any day of the week for the national team as long as he can keep his composure defensively on a consistent  90 mins (or whatever time he is allotted) basis!!! 😉.... Another option to consider for free kicks I guess, next time we reconvene!    
    • Thanks for the latest update on Liam!!!!!.... Great to have someone to gives us up-to-the-minute information on his play and his development and we are all happy to have Liam on board and committed to the national program so early (despite some confirmed interests from English youth national teams in the past). In his first game at senior level, couldn't have been more impressed with his play and a lot of it has to do with the training environment he has developed over the years (both at Fulham & Liverpool). Has that classic English-style of play, you seen in young English forwards imo, which bodes just well for the NATS!!!!!.... I & many in here are sure he is a young player with a lot of promise that is just ready to break through in the not too distant future!!!!... Be it in the SPFL or elsewhere is what remains to be seen!!! Send a big greeting to him from one of his biggest fan and CANMNT'S biggest supporter on my behalf!!!! ✌🏿
    • Apparently Mrs Nacho is not onboard and as I suspected this matter has not been concluded...  
    • Would think it’s friendly due to FIFA rules on minors? At least a month ago, looks like Parmar was there to witness it
    • I'll preface my comment with this:  I am trying to avoid an argument, rather than start one.  I hope that comes across below: I agree that each case is individual.  That's why I specified 'for billionaires.'   
    • How recent is this?  RB Leipzig u17s haven't played  Hoffenheim in a while.
    • Sorry, but I asked what Saputo wants to do.  The second question was asking if you know how other countries get things done.
    • I don’t know how I missed this, likely just a training stint.
    • Wow.  This should be a good lesson for all our young defenders that get **** on.  Vitoria didnt play much in MLS or Poland, really hasnt played consistently in 4-5 years.  And at almost 33 can be having a resurgence and  probably his best season ever.  I hope a little of whatever Vitoria has been doing rubs off on Henry, James et al in the next camp.  
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