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    Raphael Ohin’s Introduction is Bringing the Best out of Louis Beland-Goyette

    It’s been a difficult spring season for Valour FC in the inaugural Canadian Premier League campaign – there’s no denying that. For a team many expected to be competitive for the CanPL title right off the bat due to impressive depth in the front 6 and a plethora of quality individual talent, nothing seems to be working for Rob Gale’s side at the moment.

    One of those aforementioned quality individual talents is none other than former Montreal Impact player, Louis Beland-Goyette, who has been starting as the deepest midfielder all season long for the Winnipeg-based side – in a role known widely as the “regista”, or deep-lying playmaker.

    While Beland-Goyette brings some impressive vision to the table, which partners quite nicely with his high-quality ball-retention and tempo-keeping abilities, he did tend to struggle off the ball in the early part of the season, especially in those crucial moments when Valour were transitioning into their defensive shape, and the opposition attacked with speed.


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    • Thank goodness for Davies good old Canadian attitude. Judging by his social he seems to have endeared himself to a lot of his teammates. also to Alaba’s credit, I really think he took Davies under his wing  
    • Question for anyone with inside info: I read the Saputo family is the wealthiest family in Quebec and one of the wealthiest in Canada. Can anyone explain why they don’t invest some of that cash in the club? If they wanted to be a competitive club they could easily be one but choose to be frugal with only 2 DPs and nickel and diming except silly instances when it comes to Oduro Mancosu and Camacho. They could be a LA Toronto or Atlanta but don’t. Why have a horse in a race if you just go with a mediocre pedigree. Don’t these people want to win? 
    • If you guys think "launching pad" is too generous, can we simply say that good Canadian players at Toronto ended up going elsewhere to find opportunities? Some of them (Kaye) have made more of their opportunity than others (Edwards) but either way, no other Canadian team has that many alumni plying their trade for American MLS clubs. Toronto has been the most sucessful Canadian MLS team, so I am more prone to think it's simply a tougher side to get into, rather than not valuing players or tossing them away.
    • If I was Herdman, I'd try to schedule Honduras and Costa Rica in March. Might as well try to go to the Hex swinging. I think El Salvador will play friendlies in the next 2 windows against average teams, so I think we'll need something like 20 points
    • "Everything is to play outside the country". I do understand why some people on here on skeptical but its hard to not get excited about the possibility of these matches taking place for FIFA points in either a neutral or away country.  
    • As much as I would like to agree with you, I suspect that CPL is his level.
    • "Launching pad" usually implies some sort of development by TFC and then sell-on to other clubs whereas all of these players were tossed aside and picked up by other teams on a free.  I think "launching pad" is a very generous characterization of TFC in this respect.
    • Telfer was a top CPL player but the fact he has been quickly released by TFC does not augur well for his chances elsewhere. Perhaps one of the bigger USL sides would give him a bigger pay packet although not a higher level of play. Or maybe Europe will provide him with the opportunity it does not seem to have presented Petrasso or LBG. But CPL is looking a lot better (at least for quality) than many people would have guessed, so fingers crossed. Yes, Petrasso was 4/4 on pens and every one of them was unstoppable. It wasn't a case of "if only the keeper had guessed right". Superb penalty taker.
    • It's not worth getting into a long discussion over (and also way off topic) but since three people have now questioned my admittedly cryptic post I may as well expand a little on why I think the advent of CPL has had a positive effect on the number of Canadian players in MLS. USA is ten times the size of Canada. MLS teams, including the Canadian ones, can quite easily fill all of their needs without ever even looking at a Canadian player. It happens all the time that very capable players get overlooked, with Leicester's Jamie Vardy being a high profile recent example. They get overlooked because nobody notices them. CPL has the NA football world noticing Canadian players. And that is why, at least in part, I think we are seeing more Canadians in MLS, although of course there are other factors. MLS teams have the budget to sign any player they want (over CPL) so it isn't likely that CPL will be taking away players that MLS want. On the contrary, MLS are now looking more closely at the available talent and liking what they see. The fact there is another league looking at these players puts them into the shop window, so to speak. Raised profile of Canadians equals more players signed. Just my theory and of course others may disagree. I don't plan on doing a study!
    • I dunno Jono, what was it, 3 goals and a couple of assists, including a game winner against York and a go ahead goal against Pacific; and also the assist on LBG's blockbuster. All in around 14 matches or so. Not prolific but also not bad for a thirty-something striker. I think it is fair to say he had an impact and that is not even considering the top flight experience he brought to the squad. He was definitely in my keeper list.
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