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    • So I’m his 1000 mins he has 2 goals and 3  assist.(over 2 loans spells) Which he will be the first to tell u is not good enough. The issue is the style of football he is currently playing in doesn’t suit his style.he needs space to run into and most teams sit off him. The SPFL is a tough physical defensive league to play in.   Under Steve Clarke they utilised his speed on the counter which he has done some of this season but Alessio plays really a 4-5-1 and Liam sits in the left side of that 5. the football at times is down right depressing and dreadful. Slow defensive sideways and backwards. No intent to get forward.  Liam has had some really impressive numbers(see previous article) in regards to dribbles and taking players on ( Top half of the SPFL) but hasn’t had the opportunity really with the end product as of yet.  As for the fans it’s a mixed bag they were really keen to see him come back but they don’t feel he’s really reached his potential. And we agree but he’s worked hard to put himself back in the starting 11, 3 starts on the bounce. And happy to see him get mins. The team itself is on a bad run of form which is t helping with no win in 8. It’s his first full season loan and it’s. A steep learning curve. The message is keep improving keep moving forward.....  On a side note Harry Paton had a great game today for Ross County and good to see them chatting after the match. Liam and Harry spent time together at Fulham’s youth set up...
    • Is there someone on this board who still owns the rights to the CSF?
    • Looking at @Shway 's excellent list I narrowed things down a little further and put together my own not-so-shortlist.  It truly is tough to pick 23 or whatever the number is you can call for an Olympic qualifying tournament.  Such a positive change from the old days of scrounging up unnattacheds and NCAA players to fill out the roster. Assuming no Davies, David, Cornelius, or Miller; hoping Millar, Tabla, and Brault-Guillard will be available and Cristian Gutierrez and Martin Amuz will commit. Forward/Winger: Liam Millar, Theo Bair, Terran Campbell, Tajon Buchanan, Jacob Shaffelburg, Easton Ongaro Bubble:  Jordan Perruzza, Charles Brym, Dario Zanatta, Malik Johnson Midfielder: Ballou Tabla, Shamit Shome, Mathieu Choiniere, Liam Fraser, Harrison Paton, Tristan Borges Bubble:  Clement Bayiha, Alessandro Hojabrpour, Kris Twardek, Noah Verhoeven, Nate Verhoven, Ryan Raposo, Noble Okello, Diego Gutierrez Defender:  Martin Amuz, Scott Kennedy, Thomas Meilleur-Giguere, Zachary Brault-Guillard, Marcus Godinho, Diyaeddine Abzi, Cristian Gutierrez Bubble: Chris N'Sa, Robert Boskovic, Callum Montgomery, Kadin Chung, Raphael Garcia, Julian Dunn-Johnson, Daniel Kinumbe,, Zoom Langwa Keeper:  Dayne St. Clair, James Pantemis, Sebastian Breza Bubble: Axel Desjardins, Thomas Hasal, Alessandro Busti, Joakim Milli, Oliver Saundry I imagine there will be a lot of different preferences, maybe some I haven't listed here.  Either way I'm very excited for this roster to come out, right now it is taking my mind off the possibility of missing the hex.  If we do manage to qualify for Japan we'll be able to put together a hell of a squad when the big guns show up.
    • FYI.   In keeping with the season Red River Rising having a wee get together tomorrow after' at King's Head.  Kick off is 2ish and all ages welcome, as per usual.  See if we can't get "Elf" on the screen.  Always a favourate. 
    • Depends on Kilmarnock releasing him and on Liam's situation.  I'd love to see Liam and would be a great opportunity for him to get his scoring touch going, he'll have to decide whether leaving might cost him playing time/starting opportunities with Kilmarnock at this early stage of his career.
    • How do you know and do you kind sharing?
    • The end of the article mentions the game that was played earlier today. Paton started for Ross County and Millar started for Kilmarnock. I wonder if they chatted U-23 qualifying? If Paton is allowed to go, so can Millar right?
    • https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/1910800/ross-county-midfielder-harry-paton-sets-sights-on-canada-olympic-berth-in-2020/ 
    • Wont it be something based on whether he was at Bayern 2 or playing with the big club.  13mil if he is busts his knee and never plays a senior game, 15 if he plays all year at bayern 2 but 22 if he sticks the with the club and plays in 20 games etc??   I'm sure its like that, although with the amount he has been playing, Van should be getting the full 22mil.  Couldnt have asked a 19 year old to do much more.  
    • I thought you left?  Deep down, I knew it was too good to be true.
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