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    • What question was he asked?  If you look at his follow up comment, it takes the edge off a bit.  But I think the question is important, because it gives context.     
    • Whether you’re a fan of his or not he shouldn’t be part of the club. There’s no reason. He wasn’t  successful in any capacity, the Fury were entirely mediocre. Combined that with the bad blood between the Fury and the CPL and the need for a clean slate it just doesn’t make sense to bring anyone from the old team on board. We have 11 pro clubs now, I’m sure he can serve Canadian soccer well elsewhere.
    • Yes! As a suburban car driver who hates using public transit, I would be immensely disappointed if the club moved further into the city. It’s present location is actually fine by me because it’s right near the 407 and Keele, so it’s a 20 or so minute drive for me from Aurora, and the parking situation was pretty good last season. If they do move, I’d like it to be into Vaughan.
    • Agreed. Had he not been so needlessly critical of the CPL and tried so hard to paint the Fury as the victim, I'd be happy to have him join. But now . . . I just wouldn't feel right having him captain the ship.  If Atlético coming in means wiping the slate clean of the Fury, then fair enough. Let it actually be a clean slate without the JDG/OSEG front office baggage that undermined what so many of us wanted and sank the team so many of us loved. 
    • Not really. How many times do we see a half-fact get conflated with some idea to become a great fiction that strikes some kind of chord with too many people. It develops wings and never looks back. Nice when people on this board go the other way and do independent fact checking. Thanks for this.  
    • Being on the TTC line is good for fans from Toronto, but I have a York 9 jersey that doesn’t say Toronto on it anywhere. It does say Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, King City, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, and Georgina. Those municipalities don’t care about TTC (with a possible minority in Vaughan being the exception). If you allow me to generalize a bit, people from those areas drive, and I would bet a lot of them don’t like to drive into Toronto. Probably for a new stadium for this team (assuming it doesn’t essentially “relocate” from its original vision) having ample parking is going to be much more important than public transportation access, at least for the supposed target audience. I live in Toronto, but it doesn’t have to suck up everything into it. If KW or London got a team I wouldn’t want them to play out of Toronto either. Where the team is now is like having a team called “Saskatchewan Smoothriders” playing their home games in the Alberta side of Lloydminster.
    • Thats the speech you give when you get signed and move to South america.  When you come the other way you omit a few things and everyone in your new home that are going to pay your big new salary are happy.  A professional should know this.    For example, when I work in SASK I always tell them the joke about it being so windy there because manitoba sucks, and alberta blows.  They are happy, I'm happy and later I can head back to god's country (manitoba) when the job is done.  
    • at 22 and Bradley out this is the opportunity for Fraser to step up..time to see if hes mls starter level or not
    • Awwww, Gator..we were having a moment!!  Now you went and ruined it with what Vanney will probably do, bury a CDN prospect with a ****** american journeyman.  
    • Bradley out 4 months after ankle surgery. Looks like he hurt it about 30 minutes into the MLS Cup. At least the team will get a good long look at Fraser as a DM now to see what life is like post-Bradley.
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