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    WWC & GC

    *** Important. Due to the wide range of times these games are shown at and unfortunate collisions with local professional teams you MUST check to ensure the bar is open and the game is on. 

    Victoria - Yates Taphouse
    Vancouver - Library Square 
    Calgary - Home & Away
    Edmonton - Urban Tavern
    Saskatoon - Finn's Pub
    Regina - The Lobby
    Winnipeg - Nicolina's 
    Toronto - Duke of Gloucester. 
    Ottawa - Senate Tavern on Bank
    Hamilton - End Zone Pub
    Montreal - Frappe
    Halifax - Niche Lounge
    Waterloo - RIM Park
    Kitchener - Budd Park

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    • Question: how does this matchup work for  our Haitian-Canadians in ZBG and David?  Both are young players so it could be a factor. Likewise, on their side they have a couple players who will likely feature and who are Canadians. FWIW, in 2007 Haitian Canadian Bernier came on as a sub vs Haiti in the 2-0 win.
    • No, not likely happening.  Coordinate ad hoc I think.   
    • Some good news for TFC academy. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/06/25/toronto-fc-beats-lafc-win-first-u-15-development-academy-national-title
    • Should be two interesting games tonight, a Carribbean battle and a Central American battle (the latter between decades-old rivals). El Salvador has (what recently been) a rare chance to really stick it to their historic rivals who are already out. Curacao will be looking for revenge from 2017 (which they already failed to take against El Salvador). Looks like TSN is showing both of them - really glad that they have been showing the vast majority of the games this time round.
    • Oh I know... I quoted certain posters for a reason. 
    • Best tie we could likely hope for but also a huge banana skin. Going to be a tight game imo.  We should outmuscle them in midfield and upfront but our defence and weak centre will make or break this game. I'd also rather Piette doesn't start he is too slow and will be a liability.
    • FB is telling me that the Voyageurs will be showing the game at the Duke of Gloucester.  I remember that Paupers Pub was organized for the 2017 Canada/Jamaica QF and the energy there might have been the best I've experienced for one of these games in Toronto.  The second floor of Paupers was packed and given this is a Saturday evening game, I assume it would be similar.  Can Gloucester hold as many people.  No complaints from me, happy to be at either!  I just remember how electric it was in 2017! Sorry for posting this here; no specific viewing party thread yet.
    • But in reality going all out to avoid Costa Rica was the dumb move because we would have faced them anyway.  Imagine our luck if we had beat Mexico and this just happened.. it would be a shot in the nuts to the whole squad.  Now our manager looks like a genius, we are rested, coming off a huge result and ready to rock (presumably).  Herdman played this hand like a champ. It’s ok, everyone can admit it. The Mexico game was actually worth even less than most of us thought, which was nothing.. now it was less than nothing.   Haiti v Costa Rica there is no argument. One team failed to qualify for the last gold cup.. the other has qualified for 4 of the last 5 world cups. Also, Haiti regularly features Canadian rejects so it’s a nice match up in that way.  I’m also not sure about Haiti being on the rise.. they were ranked 40 in FIFA a few years back (who knows how) but they’ve literally done nothing of note in concacaf.  
    • For the first time in awhile, the lineup seems fairly unanimous.   Davies & ZBG outside backs with Henry & Cornelius at center back. Hutchinson Arfield & either Osorio or Kaye in the midfield. David, Hoilett on both sides of Cavllini up top.   The only question mark surrounds whether Osorio or Kaye starts.  Personally I don't see how Piette will start with this midfield but he seems to be a favourite.  Hard to imagine keeping Osorio off the pitch the way he has been playing but to me it might make more sense to have Kaye start this game as hes much more athletic.  I've always said this and I stand by it.  Osorio has the skill, creativity & technicial ability to really make a difference off the bench.  As he showed vs Mexico this tournament.  In contrast, he may start and be an early sub for a more defensive player in Kaye or Piette if Canada has a lead.
    • You may only post here every four years but you carpet-bombed this thread with 61 posts.  If you were Ernest Hemingway I'd say cool, or if you had great insight into the game. But I think like many people I struggled with whatever came into your head as opposed to well-thought out and expressed analysis. And btw I said I've replied to you with two sentences from which you've said I have mental health issues. Maybe it's just me but struggling to see a connection from that to how many times you've replied to me.
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