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  • Ottawa vs. Everybody

    The Ottawa Fury are bailing on the Canadian Premier League. The longest standing Canadian D2 team said today that although they wished the CanPL well, they wanted to remain in the USL for the foreseeable future.

    In essence, they wanted to let others do the heavy lifting of growing the league while they play it ultra conservative and absurdly safe.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, this isn’t going to be a balanced article.

    This was a short-sighted and selfish decision that in no way helps Canadian soccer or, in my opinion, the Ottawa Fury. Instead of getting into an exciting new project at the ground floor and playing in a league against markets that resonate with their fan base (and potentially having the possibility of qualifying into the CCL preliminary league) the Fury are going to stick with exciting and intense rivalry match-ups with the likes of Penn FC and New York Red Bulls II.

    Oh, and remain the Montreal Impact’s farm team, likely. Ottawa, after all, likes to be subservient to other Canadian cities. But, hey! The RedBlacks are good. OSEG has got that going for them, right?!

    The true shame here is at the player level. Ottawa has done a great job bringing in Canadian talent this year. The thinking was that they were setting themselves up for entry into the league*. Now, those players will either leave Ottawa or play in a league that will be at a lower standard than what the CanPL intends to be at.

    Let me repeat that. CanPL will be at a higher standard than USL. Quickly, if not immediately.

    *There is some rumblings that the biggest roadblock Ottawa had with CanPL is a gulf in opinion over how many contracts could be grandfathered into the league. We’ll discuss this more on this week’s Two Solitudes.

    The biggest question from here is what the CSA is going to do. In the past, the CSA has suggested that they would not sanction teams below the MLS level if there is a Canadian equivalent. However, that was when Victor Montagliani was running the show and since he’s left the power seems to have shifted back to the board from the president’s office. And the board isn’t as hardcore about things as Victor was.

    Also at question is whether Ottawa will be invited into the Voyageurs Cup next year. Denying enter into the competition could prove to be a middle ground punishment to encourage teams to leave America leagues. It would also be a good way to justify excluding the PDL teams, if the CSA still wishes to exclude them.

    The full nuclear option the CSA has is to completely deny sanctioning. That would effectively kill the team. Chances are they’d like to avoid that, but do not ignore the possibility.

    It’s going to be interesting…    

    Edited by Duane Rollins

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    • I do watch West Ham. When Antonio is on form he is unplayable. And 1 in 4 .... keep in mind that for most of his career at West Ham he was played as a winger (and at times even a right back under Pellegrini). Moyes has moved him to center forward in much the same style as he did with Arnautovic, and like Arnie, Antonio's strike rate has risen considerably since the move. I like Larin, but he's not (yet) in the same class as Antonio. Also, Antonio gives a real outlet to West Ham when playing against the larger Sky 6 clubs (when we tend to see even less of the ball). His hold up play and ability to generally mess about with defenders all on his lonesome is fantastic. I'm yet to see this skillset from Larin, and in fact most of the highlights I see of him scoring in Turkey have him running toward the far post and getting on the end of square crosses. West Ham (especially with Lingard coming on) have the ability to break down teams and create, but these games seem to be limited to fixtures against teams in the bottom half. Should he move I feel that Larin would be most productive against teams like Leeds (flow forward, suspect at the back, but don't play the style as well as Man City).
    • I think he played quite a bit with Lille II in 3rd or 4th division in France a couple of years back and he was definitely on the bench at Cercle Brugge a few times (not sure if he saw action) in the top league in Belgium last year....plus I don't think Montreal signed him not to give him minutes so I suspect he will get his opportunities in MLS this year
    • Not too excited as I'd like to see players with pro-minutes make the team and not so much potentials. 
    • I'm with you on that. I would consider driving, but I wouldn't even think about flying to watch a game, even within this country, let alone flying to Orlando. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year.
    • This all came out during the CSL desanctioning saga.
    • regensburg will not play anyway https://www.tellerreport.com/news/2021-03-03- ---official--osnabrück-home-game-against-jahn-regensburg-postponed- --.rybhKO4pM_.html
    • He won't say Going back to how Montreal was allowed to train in 2020, they had to negotiate with quebec and Montreal to get special permission. TFC had time to do so since MLS had dates for their preseason. Forge was provided no dates... Looks like Forge got is a 15 day notice. Hard to expect Forge to recall players when you aren't giving a date. You kinda trust the governing body to give you more than a 15 day notice... Shocking incompetence from the CSA. 15 days notice ain't right. They should have just handed the trophy to TFC instead. Forge faces humiliation, not just a loss and they won't miss their shot for a chance to crush the back to back CPL champions 
    • bad for forge but if tfc release players for national teams they could be missing quite a few players..but of course they have to keep enough Canadians for this game
    • Forge have only 17 players on their roster right now according to their roster. They are still in off-season mode like any CPL team, signing players here and there as the opportunities present themselves. it will be interesting to see what type of team they can put out with so little training. 
    • Exemptions are given on a case by case basis. It’s likely up to the teams/organizations to negotiate individually.
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