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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Three Candidates for Pacific FC Depth

    Stewie the Starfish’s stalwart seamen have become impotent.

    From first place in the Canadian Premier League they have dropped to a lowly sixth after a mid-week 3-0 battering by Forge FC. Vainly do we say that first place was after the second game in league history, or that our two losses were another midweeker to better-rested Valour and a game well-earned by the Hamiltonians but not the worst 3-0 ever1. Pacific has not looked great by eye or numbers and this weekend’s tilt, away to FC Edmonton, will pit us against tenacious defending and lots of athleticism to weary a tired team.

    We knew Pacific’s defensive depth would be a problem but maybe not so early. Former League1 Ontario man Lukas MacNaughton had two games full of quality and violence. But he was suspended for the Valour match, while Hendrik Starostzik has missed two and counting with a foot problem. In their place Ryan McCurdy was abominable and Émile Legault, a neat little player, is too short and inexperienced to play centre back professionally right now. Given Starostzik and MacNaughton Pacific likely beats Valour, and while Forge was another thing altogether being able to spell fullbacks Blake Smith and Kadin Chung with Legault would have done a power of good.

    Pacific have recently added Saudi youth trainee Ahmed Alghamdi and former TSS FC Rover Zach Verhoven to their roster. Even so they stand at 20 players signed, counting the seriously injured Marcel de Jong. They had very few reserves to draw upon, have drawn upon them early, and didn’t even get wins out of it: add depth, please, and the sooner the better.

    But there’s no merit in complaining about a lack of signings if you can’t suggest any, and while Sergio Ramos would be a quality addition my source at Pacific says they’re unlikely to agree terms.

    Here are three ideas for Pacific FC. All are meant to be realistic. They are professionally out of contract but have played recently at a high level (no stirring Luca Bellisomo comebacks). They are not so accomplished as players that they’d automatically demand large wages, and possess some tenuous connection to British Columbia soccer. We are looking for useful players here to fill out the back of the roster, not superstars. They might make a disproportionate difference.

    Read more at https://www.maple-leaf-forever.com/2019/05/10/three-candidates-for-pacific-fc-depth/

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    I was pretty harsh on the prospect of the open trials. 

    Do you think there is any way to gauge some kind of reach into leagues on players stepping it up?   Doing the extra push up? Running another lap ect...  are coaches at the elite level, academies ect... seeing any kind of uptick in training of players now that playing is better odds than winning a lottery?

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    • No MLS for Cavallini   
    • The Gold Cup could affect the number of starts slightly.  We did have 12 players away and missed anywhere from 4 to 6 games.  Although, many young Canadians players benefited from regulars away at the tournament as well. If anyone provided a full list of players in USL 1, USL2 & CPL, I would have no problem putting together a list for those leagues as well.
    • Just hope he goes somewhere he can get a decent amount of starts. 
    • Nah it's not going to be CPL related. It's still definitely the goal though. Things seems to be rolling in the right place. The 25th should be a good evening. Tough to unite the province on a weekday though. Dont see many people travelling like last game. Hopefully a bigger crowd than last time but will be tempered by the night.
    • Let’s hope Borges can get moved to a higher level. The Cavalry could be at good fit. 😜
    • We won’t know till it happens probably. I think spitfire leaked it last time he was loaned and that was a problem.
    • Well ya, but I think last year there was some mention of clubs being interested, like Sunderland.
    • And Canada in 6th, i.e. above the cut off for the hex if this was used instead of FIFA ranking. Sigh.
    • Another thing about being in a group with the USA is that we have a chance to knock out presumably the first pick for host of the playoffs. I wonder if USA will still host (probably) if they aren't even in the playoffs. If CONCACAF is open to having it elsewhere, it would be cool if we would be able to host the playoffs after knocking out the USA.
    • Caps look very poor these last few games, especially the games versus LAFC and SKC.  They look disconnected, if that makes sense.  The problem, from what I can tell, is that they do not seem to be able to play cohesive football, and the problem seems to be in the midfield. Despite early efforts to play out of the back, they now seem to rely mostly on hitting a long ball for Reyna to (tirelessly) chase down, or an outlet pass to Adnan so he can run at the opposition (but fail to pass the bloody ball effectively most of the time.) Maybe the better word is disjointed.   I know this is a three-year rebuild, but I am not seeing a whole lot lately that suggests MDS is truly laying the foundation for success.  To do so, you must have a significant core of players with whom to share your footballing philosophy, and I am not convinced many of the current squad are good enough for MLS.  Inbeom will likely get there, but he has really struggled. Erice is fine, but his impact is limited. Not sure Venutto is any better than Techera.  Not sure Montero is any better than Kai.  I like Godoy.  PC is not MLS caliber.  I like Rusty, but increasingly I question if he is MLS caliber. Henry has mostly been very good.  Reyna is a beast; if only he had midfielders to support him. Bair is not ready. Ardaiz seems like a headcase. Felipe is poor.  At the moment I simply do not enjoy watching this team.  I am not sure, at this point, if this team is any better than the Caps were under Robinson. I know this is a process, but I would have expected to see some sign of a core group developing, and I am not sure I see it.  Oh, and Bangoura! Kid has wheels and real skill, but can he learn to play both sides of the ball? It is his soccer IQ, and his focus, that worry me. I still believe in MDS, but for the first time since he took the helm, I am starting to question his vision and ability.  I trust he has a real plan, one that involves bringing in the right players at the right time, but at the moment he simply does not have the horses to field a competitive MLS side.  
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