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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Ranking the CanPL Mascots

    The Canadian Premier League kick-off this coming Saturday will be our biggest event in some time. The entire domestic soccer community will be settling down at 1 PM Eastern, either in Forge FC’s stadium or in front of CBC television, to witness a new and hopefully more positive era in our nation’s game. This otherwise quite ordinary league fixture is making hearts across the Dominion beat a bit faster, like an Olympic semi-final.

    Nothing could better herald this dawn than our mascots. Four of the Canadian Premier League’s seven teams have, in recent weeks, introduced us to new mascots who will stand as symbols for all time, representing the Canadian Premier League to ourselves and to the world. Canada’s national coat of arms is supported by a unicorn and a lion, representing the British heritage of our governance and our culture that goes back way before Confederation. Perhaps, in a couple centuries, some new country will bear arms supported by Bolt and Stewie the Starfish. It is scarcely less probable than the existence of the Canadian Premier League itself.

    In honour of this joyous week I have decided to rank all of the league’s mascots so far, from best to worst. These ratings are entirely objective and based off a proprietary statistical algorithm developed by the Prince of Wales and tested by Maple Leaf Forever!‘s secret nerd hive in Sudbury-Thunder Bay. As a result its decisions are not to be argued with, only agreed on and amplified.


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    We painted a banner with a purple Patrick Starfish holding a flare long before they actually made it a thing. ;)

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    2 hours ago, admin said:

    Is the Edmonton one a rabbit or a Pokeman?

    None. It's  Sanic as a rabbit.

    Edited by Blackdude

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    • I don't think we will struggle vs Guatemala, Panama or t and t but Curacao will be a struggle.  I think Canada should be the favorite to win and beat whoever is in 4th likely Jamaica. 
    • I wonder if they would just play on the other field  at York where the football team plays. 
    • Hundal would be good as a backup off the bench 
    • In Spain Roures and Mediapro have done nothing, it is a bit disgraceful I find. My gym stopped charging for services, others may find other services not rendered are pardoned, but Mediapro keeps not only charging for football, through Movistar, but announce the tv deals with all the football packs in place, as if they could reasonably give a new subscriber Champions, League, Cup, and so on. It is a bit disgraceful. And they have not replaced the massive gap with anything but reruns, there are no new programs of analysis, no talk shows on the current situation, they are not spending a dime. Roures is all freaked out about the season not ending, his only idea is that this year has to finish, next year hardly matters. I don't fully undderstand the logic in financial terms, but in social and human terms he is really out of it.  Honestly: One Soccer is generating more content than Mediapro platforms in Spain. Okay, One Soccer, most of it for me, anyways, is rather obnoxiously giddy and superficial. It is really over the top, with a few exceptions (some of these interviews with retired vets are okay).
    • Did you ever watch him play for Tranmere? I did, and in their stadium as well. He played exactly the same as anywhere else, a dynamic quick and feisty player behind the target striker. Distributing, assisting, and occasionally scoring, lots of one touch football. Just like for our u-20s, and just like he did in India, or when he played in Spain.  Hume was never very cerebral, which is why his comments about CPL teams needing leadership like he could offer was odd. Because I have never seen him adjusting his game to the specific circumstances on the pitch, he had one fairly high speed, typical of League One pace. He was skilled, but played at exactly the level he deserved, he was third tier England, and his one stint in 2nd tier Spain he was poor (which may be why he slags Ponferradina for being corrupt, which is cheap on his part--they paid him for doing basically nothing). Anyways, the world was not moving towards possession football in the early 2000s, that is not true. Not in England third tier, and not in EPL at that time either, excepting a bit of Wenger's Arsenal. Even at Barça it was barely happening, the Iniesta-Xavi combination of tiqui-taka only consolidated around 2006-07. For me he overrates himself in that interview. And then cannot name a single other player underrated--as if he were the only one. I found it disappointing and I have followed Hume fairly closely since 2003 or so.
    • Surely they have a bigger or proven name ready to sign or lined up? I dont know if a gamble on a youngster is enough. They apparently ignored Hume, which I provably dont disagree with. It's a gaping hole right now in the squad as Lofty says. Arguably they need two.
    • Any ideas? Hundal would be some good cover off the bench
    • That we are going to miss out on the Hex should come as no surprise. The surprise to me is that anyone thinks we deserve to be there. I think the format is really lame, but our results mean we don’t deserve a spot. Even with all the match days we were needing to schedule a batch of friendlies to try to pip El Salvador.    I know I’m in the minority here, but with the exception of the USA game at home in the Nations League, I have seen Absolutely nothing from this team to suggest we deserve to be in the Hex.  Remember Haiti?  Or USA away?  If we truly belong as a top team, then we’ll run the table against non-Hex teams, then we’ll beat the fourth place team.   But it’s likely, we’ll struggle against teams like Panama, Guatemala, T&T.  Maybe it’s just old feelings, but I still lack confidence in us against those teams.    The format doesn’t really matter. If we’re in the Hex, we’re likely fighting for fourth anyway.  If we aren’t in the Hex then the way many of you on this board talk it should be a bloody cake-walk to get into the playoff. 
    • Yet... it's coming.. trust me... it's coming..         Based on absolutely nothing.
    • Nicaragua more likely. Also still playing
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