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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Ranking the CanPL Mascots

    The Canadian Premier League kick-off this coming Saturday will be our biggest event in some time. The entire domestic soccer community will be settling down at 1 PM Eastern, either in Forge FC’s stadium or in front of CBC television, to witness a new and hopefully more positive era in our nation’s game. This otherwise quite ordinary league fixture is making hearts across the Dominion beat a bit faster, like an Olympic semi-final.

    Nothing could better herald this dawn than our mascots. Four of the Canadian Premier League’s seven teams have, in recent weeks, introduced us to new mascots who will stand as symbols for all time, representing the Canadian Premier League to ourselves and to the world. Canada’s national coat of arms is supported by a unicorn and a lion, representing the British heritage of our governance and our culture that goes back way before Confederation. Perhaps, in a couple centuries, some new country will bear arms supported by Bolt and Stewie the Starfish. It is scarcely less probable than the existence of the Canadian Premier League itself.

    In honour of this joyous week I have decided to rank all of the league’s mascots so far, from best to worst. These ratings are entirely objective and based off a proprietary statistical algorithm developed by the Prince of Wales and tested by Maple Leaf Forever!‘s secret nerd hive in Sudbury-Thunder Bay. As a result its decisions are not to be argued with, only agreed on and amplified.


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    Wait, the Pacific one is real?  I thought it was shopped. 

    Damn stupid confusing reality.

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    We painted a banner with a purple Patrick Starfish holding a flare long before they actually made it a thing. ;)

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    2 hours ago, admin said:

    Is the Edmonton one a rabbit or a Pokeman?

    None. It's  Sanic as a rabbit.

    Edited by Blackdude

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    • Yeah it's good system. At least the youngsters get to pay a lot. Most of the lower-league clubs are happy to get these kids! I think Zanatta got a bit out of luck after giving it another shot at Hearts, it then being a bit late in the season for most clubs. Now he signed with a lesser club than he could have IMO. Still he's getting a lot of mileage in the Scottish leagues!
    • Maguire vs Maddison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g5jVytYHnw
    • Froese started and played 71 minutes for Saarbrücken, which lost 0-2 to Bayern Alzenau. The first loss of the season (in 8 games). Saarbrücken immediately lost their top spot to tiny club TSV Steinbach.  Gabriel Boakye entered in the 60 minute for Köln II, which went 0-3 to Borussia Dortmund II.   
    • I'm just glad he GTFO and is safely back in Canada. Rest is details.
    • Had to share this according to the bbc and Kilmarnock Liam was Man if the match he grew into the game and almost had a 2nd.  Celtic away next week a big big game...
    • Embarrassing to even admit that.  Just shows you’re temperamental and not fit to be a ref.
    • Made a great assist today on a 1-2 to give the Caps the lead in added time against Houston
    • I love Davies but he was dominating MLS mainly athleticism and world class pace. David is one of the top players in Jupiler League on technique and soccer IQ. His athleticism, though not on par with Davies, is very good and he's not anywhere close to his physical peak.
    • Just a quick message from the League 1 Ontario games of Saturday September 14, 2019 as I've got an early start tomorrow. Today was the first game of the semi-finals with the second legs happening next weekend. I was at the Masters FA vs Oakville Blue Devils game at L'Amoreaux Park in Scarborough. That ended 0-0 and was a pretty rough game with at least two multi player dustups. At the end of the night both teams had a player Red carded and OBD earned five Yellows and Masters had two. Referee Brian Butler knew what he was doing and didn't fall for any in the box diving. Trainers had to be called out a few times for injuries to both teams. I thought there may have been about 100 people on this cool night with the temperature dropping as the sun had set just before the game started. Good defences on both sides with Spiridon Koskinas for Masters and Lukas Birnstingl for Oakville. Birnstingl has a shutout stretching through the playoffs back to the regular season. I had started the evening at Mt Joy for the Alliance United vs FC London game as I expected I could be in Oakville next weekend and therefore would have seen the 'final four' again before the championship game. It was suggested that I leave well before the game started because Alliance had only eleven players and none of their University of Toronto guys were here (two games this weekend?) and the team had no substitutions. They were trying to call in some guys just to sit on the bench and avoid the fine imposed by the league. “The game (score) could get ugly” and “it'll be a massacre” was what I heard. Quite a shock as the team only lost 1 game all season! I took his advice and drove to L'Amoreaux (it was actually on my way home anyway). Now the two who suggested this were Alliance head coach Ilya Orlov and assistant Julian Green! I'd like to thank them now for their warning as the game ended 5-0 for London. While at the Master's game the L1O tweets stopped early so I though the game was still 1-0. Well the chances of going to the return leg in London next Friday night were remote anyway but now that's saved me the drive for sure. Now AU won't bother to play U of T players even if they have no games next week with a scoreline like that.   More details in a few days but I may have a larger role tomorrow at the York 9 matinee game as a lot of reporters will be at the Toronto FC game downtown (the games overlap) and even the CPL league reporters will be split up as the Forge FC game in Hamilton will end at the exact time as the York game begins. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01  
    • It looks like you can't watch the NWSL games at their website anymore from Canada, but have to go through the TSN app instead.  Oh well, so much for that.
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