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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Ranking the CanPL Mascots

    The Canadian Premier League kick-off this coming Saturday will be our biggest event in some time. The entire domestic soccer community will be settling down at 1 PM Eastern, either in Forge FC’s stadium or in front of CBC television, to witness a new and hopefully more positive era in our nation’s game. This otherwise quite ordinary league fixture is making hearts across the Dominion beat a bit faster, like an Olympic semi-final.

    Nothing could better herald this dawn than our mascots. Four of the Canadian Premier League’s seven teams have, in recent weeks, introduced us to new mascots who will stand as symbols for all time, representing the Canadian Premier League to ourselves and to the world. Canada’s national coat of arms is supported by a unicorn and a lion, representing the British heritage of our governance and our culture that goes back way before Confederation. Perhaps, in a couple centuries, some new country will bear arms supported by Bolt and Stewie the Starfish. It is scarcely less probable than the existence of the Canadian Premier League itself.

    In honour of this joyous week I have decided to rank all of the league’s mascots so far, from best to worst. These ratings are entirely objective and based off a proprietary statistical algorithm developed by the Prince of Wales and tested by Maple Leaf Forever!‘s secret nerd hive in Sudbury-Thunder Bay. As a result its decisions are not to be argued with, only agreed on and amplified.


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    We painted a banner with a purple Patrick Starfish holding a flare long before they actually made it a thing. ;)

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    2 hours ago, admin said:

    Is the Edmonton one a rabbit or a Pokeman?

    None. It's  Sanic as a rabbit.

    Edited by Blackdude

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    • Person A: Ochocinco? Who's that? Person B: You know him. He used to play in the NFL. Person A: Joe Montana? Person B: No. He played for the Bengals. Person A: Boomer Esiason? Person B: No. He's black. Person A: James Brooks? Person B: No. He used to do the end zone celebrations. Person A: Ickey Woods? Person B: No. He was a receiver. Person A: Oh! You mean Chad Johnson. Person B: How dare you say that! You're a serial killer! *********** Person X: Ochocinco? Who's that? Person Y: You know him. He used to be Chad Johnson. Person X: Oh yeah! Wait. He's not called Chad Johnson anymore? Person Y: Nah. He prefers to be called Ochocinco now. Person X: Really? Okay. What's Ochocinco done, now?   Now, I ask you...which of the two above conversations is going to do more to promote understanding amongst reasonable people? Non-dickheads have no problem referring to Mohammed Ali or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by their adopted names. However, nobody is condemned for saying that Ali won an Olympic gold medal as Cassius Clay in 1960 or that Kareem was a standout college basketball player at UCLA as Lew Alcindor. It's a historical fact that a player named Rebecca Quinn represented Canada at the most-recent FIFA Women's World Cup. If that player now wishes to be referred to by a different name, that's no problem. It doesn't negatively affect my life to use whatever name they prefer from this point forward. However, nothing can change the history to which I just referred.  Simple fact. Ask reasonable people to behave reasonably, and they will. Treat those same people like dickheads and they'll quickly tell you to go **** yourself.
    • That's terrific, best of luck and look forward to seeing you in L1O. The kit almost looks like the AS Roma colours.  
    • gets worse..3-0 at the break
    • Their elite young core is broader than ours, and obviously their depth is much greater. They're coming off a down period in the program but they will likely be the best in CONCACAF within 2-3 years (IMO). Mexico's floor is higher due to a better domestic league, but the USMNT's ceiling is much higher.  
    • I ll wait till he impressed before getting excited 
    • https://youtu.be/dQdkgYZtjoI   Highlights from the game today 
    • two games today..a very boring nashville houston with 37 year old maynor equalizing at the end for houston..nycfc cincy just started and mitrita scored in the first minute..cincy been good last couple games lets see if they can bounce back
    • He was 22-24 during his time there. Larin at 25 would be going there a little later. Regardless, would be a good situation for him I think.
    • This player will continue to be eligible for the CWNT because their sex remains female to my understanding.  And so this is a good example perhaps of the difference between gender and sex.   I think a big part of this is that they have only recently come out publicly, and that privately - presumably including teammates - people knew about this for some time.  And so that kind of makes the matter of whether they should be eligible further moot.   Good for them.  These are important conversations to have and it's so great for others to have a role model setting the example going forward.  Keep up the good work! Finally, people get married and we use their new name.  Chad Johnson became Ochocinco and people used that name.  Musicians change their name and people stick to the new one - P Diddy, John Cougar, etc.  Surely people can use this persons chosen name going forward as it just isn't that hard. 
    • Absolutely fair. Maybe.  This was part of the point of my post.  The numbers for the final were about the same as they were for Forge games on CBC.  They didn't go up because it was the final.  There weren't more Canadians tuning in.  Both MLS and the NHL have a similar problem: fans tune in to their home team but don't necessarily tune in just for the league.  So, I think it remains to be seen if this is what happens with the CPL.  There's clearly a core of fans that will tune in to any game, regardless.  We'll have to see how the audience develops for the CPL, and I think it's too early to judge that either way.
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