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    *** Important. Due to the wide range of times these games are shown at and unfortunate collisions with local professional teams you MUST check to ensure the bar is open and the game is on. 

    Victoria - Yates Taphouse
    Vancouver - Library Square 
    Calgary - Home & Away
    Edmonton - Urban Tavern
    Saskatoon - Finn's Pub
    Regina - The Lobby
    Winnipeg - Nicolina's 
    Toronto - Duke of Gloucester. 
    Ottawa - Senate Tavern on Bank
    Hamilton - End Zone Pub
    Montreal - Frappe
    Halifax - Niche Lounge
    Waterloo - RIM Park
    Kitchener - Budd Park

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    • Tell everyone it is the 'Road to 2022' It really, sorta is....
    • I've watched some of the Copa America men's games which is taking place right now.  These games have everything under the sun and not once has the VAR intervened.  Makes me think the VAR men refs for the WWC feel they need to "correct" the lady refs on the field.  Wrong!
    • As disappointing as the outcome was, I didn't have a problem with Beckie's penalty. She picked her spot, ran up and hit it. The Swedish keeper made a very good save. That happens. I have a much bigger issue with Cavalinni's penalty last night.  At least Beckie forced the keeper to make a save. There are a lot of other issues in the women's team that need to be addressed before a missed penalty.  They're the same issues that they've had since at least the last olympics: 1. Christine Sinclair.  I know I'm going to be hammered for this one, but when the team has two attacking strategies - crosses from out wide and playing balls into the top of the box from 50 yards out - and both of those strategies are trying to get the ball to Sinclair, it becomes a major issue.   There are 2 or three defenders on Sinclair, and every single ball is being forced in her direction. She is no longer fast enough to outrun the defenders, nor quick enough to create space for herself, nor able to out jump her defenders to attack the ball with her head. It is way to easy to defend.  Huitema should be that central forward.  If Sinclair is on the field, she should be in a withdrawn role in midfield where she has more time and space to accept the ball and bring her teammates into the play. She is smart enough to find those spaces running forward towards the box to get into the right spots.  She will score more goals following up on the play than being the focus of the offense. 2.  If you are going to play crosses in from wide areas, you need to have players that can provide quality crosses into the box. That did not happen in this tournament. Today especially, the Swedes packed the box and where first to every single cross. The wing play was too slow, and as noted in point 1, they were trying to force it to Sinclair. There is not enough speed in the build-up, nor is there enough speed in the middle of the field to beat the back line to crosses in. 3. Beckie Scott.  Scott is terrible with the ball on her foot regardless of TSN's panel's assertion that she has improved in that area. She should only be playing when Canada is trying to protect a lead. Quinn and Rosso are much better both on and off the ball. My preference would be to see Grosso out there spraying balls to her teammates.  Going forward...get Sinclair the record in friendlies because Wambach should fade into history. Leading up to 2020 olympics and the 2023 WC cycle:                             Labbe Riviere Buchanan Zadorsky Lawrence                      Grosso/Quinn          Fleming               Sinclair/Beckie Prince/Rose                              Leon/Beckie                             Huitema          (Schmidt can still provide relief and starts in wingback and midfield)
    • I mean, it's on a Tuesday. I don't think we should expect more than 20. Probably 15 if the marketing isn't great.    
    • Costa Rica rolling out one of their 3 versions of their tried and true "park the bus, counter attack" 4-4-1-1 vs Haiti.  The Ticos only need a tie to win the group, so makes sense for them. Though I do jope Haiti get them on a set piece header. Should be an intriguing match/scouting opportunity for us. Both teams fielding pretty much their best XI to win the group and play us instead of Mexico in the QFs.
    • Point #1 and #2: Exactly! Offsides seem to be handled well. The problems start when the VAR guy (they are mostly men, by the way) thinks his judgement is better than the on-field referee's judgement. "CLEAR & OBVIOUS ERRORs". I thought this was supposed to be the defining principle of VAR. At this 2019 WWC the VAR officials appear to be questioning and second-guessing the judgment of the on-field referees far too often. If you are an on-field referee, under huge pressure, both because its a World Cup and because you are a female, then I think the tendency has been to change your call just to cover your own butt, even if the video shows your original call to be defensible. The VAR officials have to butt out, keep their opinions to themselves, and stick to OFFSIDES and CLEAR & OBVIOUS ERRORS. And why does it take them 2-3 minutes to look at a play, and only then call the on-field ref over to the video screen. The on-field ref should immediately go to the screen and be part of that 2-3 minute "group" debate. If a judgement call takes 3 minutes to discuss, then it was probably correct to begin with. One again: CLEAR & OBVIOUS ERRORS ONLY.
    • Doyle's post mortem in the Globe: That missed-opportunity penalty will haunt the team and Canadian soccer for a while. She should never have been required or allowed to take it. A gifted player with the moving ball, swift of foot and good at finding space, she does not a have a powerful kick.  Sinclair was invisible in this match and her barely there presence and lack of quickness defines what went wrong for Canada at the tournament.Yet coach Kenneth Heiner-Moller stuck with her, a cautious, keep-the-faith move and his team strategy was all caution, all the time. Taking that judicious approach into a knockout game, a win-or-go-home encounter, was suicidal. Given the depth and breadth of youthful talent in this team, given the skills the players possess, Heiner-Moller’s team selection and tactics must be questioned. It’s bush league and it’s bungling. It should never have come to this – an early exit for a highly skilled team on the cusp of greatness. The coach created a mess from a massively capable, intelligent and proficient team that was ready for glory. Behind a pay wall https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-blame-bungled-tactics-and-absurdly-cautious-coaching-for-canadas-exit/
    • I do know that David missed his shot in the shootout of the Belgian cup semi-final. They ended up advancing as the guy after him scored.  I actually wonder if Cornelius would be good at them. Used to play as a forward.
    • This result was reflective of what happened in the pre tourney matches. They had lots of difficulty scoring against any top 10 team or an organized European team. Decision making in the final third is poor, nobody could strike the ball with ferocity and nobody knew how to make the final cutting pass. KHM compounded the problem by not bringing subs earlier and subbing the wrong type of players. His substitution pattern in the friendlies carried onto the WC even though the team looked the most dynamic in the friendlies when players like Leon, Hellstrom, Rose & Grosso came in. He brought in quite of bit young players but only stepped out of his comfort zone in playing Riviere. Sinclair, Beckie, Schmidt & Scott should have regularly subbed.  The players also played like they did in the friendlies. The only one who stepped up another gear was Schmidt until against Sweden. Beckie was poor in all matches. Everybody else was average to subpar.  Best case scenario for this team was to eke 1-0 wins. They don't bunker and can't anyway as Labbe isn't up to snuff to make 5-10 saves per match anyway. They can't counter like Sweden because KHM plays too many slow players and their decision-making is too slow anyway. For the future, we'll have to hope Huitema fulfills her destiny and the younger pool of players develop as expected. KHM is on the chopping block. But I assume the CSA will keep him for Olympics.  
    • I'm curious who everyone thinks our best player is? I'm having a hard time deciding
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