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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Another Day One at Westhills Stadium

    Never go into the archives of Maple Leaf Forever! without expert supervision. Any post written before about 2016 is pretty much unreadable. But this morning I dove into the crap to get a particular nugget: my first visit to Langford’s ironically-named City Centre Park in May 2010 to watch the Victoria Highlanders host the Vancouver Whitecaps U-23s in the USL PDL season opener.

    A lot has changed in nine years. For one thing I ripped Russell Teibert, who was a year or so from becoming Canadian Soccer Jesus. Both the Highlanders and the Whitecaps U-23s folded then came back as completely different setups. Also, the ironically-named City Centre Park is almost unrecognizable. 2010’s aluminum-bleachered main stand now has beautiful purple seats with “PFC” picked out in white and wouldn’t look out of place in England’s League Two. The “Bear Mountain Stadium” sign now says “Westhills Stadium” (though it is otherwise exactly the same, which is fun). The neighbourhood has built up; a weirdly obscure tree-shrouded ground nestled in with the industry and parking lots is now in a fast-growing part of Langford that’ll probably be 50% condos by the time Noah Verhoeven gets his testimonial.

    But a few things are the same. Quoting myself:


    God, what a fantastic place to watch a soccer game! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, there’s a little man-made lake at the east end of the park which is simultaneously incredibly twee and incredibly cool. The plastic pitch is still new enough that the game is quite enjoyable on the surface, security guards aren’t uptight bag-checking ********, and the fans have the good-spirited nature of people who are watching a semi-professional soccer game in the middle of nowhere and just having a whale of a time.

    [. . .]

    3-2 Victoria stood as the final, and the better team won. But it was a good contest and one that involved some pretty good fans from the Highlanders, who sang and made noise that you associate with a far higher level than USL PDL. Even the soccer parents in the grandstand were more involved in the game than your stereotypical Canadian fan, applauding and following events with visible agitation. I know there are travel issues, and stadium issues, and all sorts of issues in the way of further growth. But if the Victoria Highlanders keep this up and they’re not in the second division within five years, it’ll be a disgrace.

    It took nine years, and they’re not the Highlanders, and it’s actually the first division. And security checks bags now, though they’re still human beings rather than dicks with badges and let us bring in cookies for Clare Rustad. Otherwise 2010 Ben would be pretty happy with how those paragraphs worked out.

    Read the rest at https://www.maple-leaf-forever.com/2019/04/29/another-day-one-at-westhills-stadium/

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    Pretty amazing how it looks compared to when Rob and I were there a few weeks ago.

    Are the roofs on the two grandstands on either side of the old one going to match?   Is it just not done, or did they build two new different things on either side of the old one just to trigger some dormant OCD.



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    5 minutes ago, Big_M said:

    One roof just wasnt finished in time and they are working on it now

    Good 'cause that would bug the crap out of me forever. 

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    • Agreed. Had he not been so needlessly critical of the CPL and tried so hard to paint the Fury as the victim, I'd be happy to have him join. But now . . . I just wouldn't feel right having him captain the ship.  If Atlético coming in means wiping the slate clean of the Fury, then fair enough. Let it actually be a clean slate without the JDG/OSEG front office baggage that undermined what so many of us wanted and sank the team so many of us loved. 
    • Not really. How many times do we see a half-fact get conflated with some idea to become a great fiction that strikes some kind of chord with too many people. It develops wings and never looks back. Nice when people on this board go the other way and do independent fact checking. Thanks for this.  
    • Being on the TTC line is good for fans from Toronto, but I have a York 9 jersey that doesn’t say Toronto on it anywhere. It does say Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, King City, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, and Georgina. Those municipalities don’t care about TTC (with a possible minority in Vaughan being the exception). If you allow me to generalize a bit, people from those areas drive, and I would bet a lot of them don’t like to drive into Toronto. Probably for a new stadium for this team (assuming it doesn’t essentially “relocate” from its original vision) having ample parking is going to be much more important than public transportation access, at least for the supposed target audience. I live in Toronto, but it doesn’t have to suck up everything into it. If KW or London got a team I wouldn’t want them to play out of Toronto either. Where the team is now is like having a team called “Saskatchewan Smoothriders” playing their home games in the Alberta side of Lloydminster.
    • Thats the speech you give when you get signed and move to South america.  When you come the other way you omit a few things and everyone in your new home that are going to pay your big new salary are happy.  A professional should know this.    For example, when I work in SASK I always tell them the joke about it being so windy there because manitoba sucks, and alberta blows.  They are happy, I'm happy and later I can head back to god's country (manitoba) when the job is done.  
    • at 22 and Bradley out this is the opportunity for Fraser to step up..time to see if hes mls starter level or not
    • Awwww, Gator..we were having a moment!!  Now you went and ruined it with what Vanney will probably do, bury a CDN prospect with a ****** american journeyman.  
    • Bradley out 4 months after ankle surgery. Looks like he hurt it about 30 minutes into the MLS Cup. At least the team will get a good long look at Fraser as a DM now to see what life is like post-Bradley.
    • We are making the assumption that Fraser even starts in Bradley's place, it would not surprise me to see Vanney play Delgado or even Deleon in that position, if Fraser does get to start I expect he will be on a very short leash and there won't be much room for error!
    • Likely those who incorrectly mentioned a draft was just a case of lost in translation along the way/misinterpreting something that was said. Good on you for having the issue of no draft clarified.
    • Really? I see him as more of a 6 than Bradley.  I think he will start with Delgado and Osorio with pozuelo on a wing to start the year. 
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