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    • Spain has 4-5 starters from FC Barcelona who were not even called in, that will raise the level, as the top teams in Spain by far are At Madrid and FCB. I think against Cameroon playing like this, we have to win handily. 
    • The natural move for Pacific FC, maybe in a few years, is when interest flags from the Langford mayor and if fans tire of the haul to Westhills, they'll start talks with the city of Victoria on Royal Athletic Park. I don't want to get ahead on the question, because of now it is what it is, and you have to respect it, and especially the investment from a small municipality. I would not be surprised, however, if the PFC owners have already spoken with folks at Victoria City Hall. This same scenario on location might also be seen elsewhere, and really should guide the criteria of new clubs as think of options.
    • He did, you got me there.  But hey, I was not the one arguing that Nova Scotians like to **** in unhealthy conditions and were proud of it.
    • That was a poster from Quebec. In reality they are very close to where highway 400 meets highway 407 and TTC subway stops that serve as an access point for other GTA transit systems. Access by car or mass transit will actually be a lot easier than it is for BMO Field for a lot of people in the wider Toronto area. One of the arguments for this location revolved around ease of access for people who are quite distant from TFC in travel time terms. https://transportation.info.yorku.ca/subway/ The 2007 U-20 World Cup stadium was originally going to be built at York U for future use by the Argos and MLS. The move to BMO Field's location was a last minute thing driven by MLSE after the Argos pulled out and renewed their lease at the Rogers Centre. They are currently in a much better location in access terms than their rumoured preferred York Region stadium location, so if they struggle to fill 3000 seats this season there won't be much of a business case for that type of stadium to be built in Mississauga, York Region or Durham. That will no doubt lead to people with low IQs concluding I want it to fail, so probably best to point out that outlining a possible outcome is not the same as wanting it to happen. I don't get any pleasure out of the feeling of deja vu Gopherbashi's picture provides from being at North York Rockets games.
    • I do agree with that, and also feel that some level of intial commitment was expected, but I would guess it is more in the two-three year range. I am genuinely very happy with and positive about the whole process and they keep it going. Just with expansion they need to keep that caution going, and for the sake of being a truly national league we need those teams in Quebec. 
    • Haha sounds like @grasshopper1917struck a nerve
    • I want all the clubs to succeed, obviously, but I am not surprised York 9 is struggling relative to Halifax. The branding is strong, the location is central, and the competition with nearby professional soccer teams is non-existent. York 9 branding is not great overall, but considering the challenge, they have done well. One poster described the difficulty getting to the stadium from downtown Toronto after work. That's the challenge with a suburban team. I can relate to that because getting to Spruce Meadows after work from downtown Calgary is also difficult. At least the Cavs don't have competition from Toronto FC. Cavalry FC are the only professional soccer show in town. Hamilton seems to work better because at least it has it's own urban core and the stadium is not far from it. I hope the Durham/Pickering group are watching York 9 closely. 
    • Est-ce que vous êtes au courant que l'expansion de la ligue au Québec avance pas mal?
    • Considering you have just started, that you are nowhere so far, and that Halifax is in a pure novelty phase still, you should be a bit more modest instead of bragging already. It is very newbie of you. You are the poster that said that having a properly built stadiums with proper washrooms and concessions was a snobbish Upper Canada thing? I'd hate to see what Nova Scotia schools and hospitals are like with that mentality--or maybe we are lucky you are not in charge of that.
    • I am not sure but I believe that law requires you to state turnstile in Spain, and perhaps all over Europe.  Maybe this has to do with knowing how many people and even who is at the game for security reasons. Official sell-back systems whereby clubs can ensure seats are filled the team is supported, merchandise continues to turn over and the revenue streams stay strong are essential; if some of the CPL clubs with weak attendance from higher-end STHs can roll those empty seats over to occasional fans (Cavalry centre stands, for eg), it benefits all around.
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