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    • I guess he’s “been out of form” in training. The game they lost to Hoffenheim, the entire team was dreadful. Other than that, he’s been fine and was very strong vs Dortmund in the Super Cup. I have a feeling this has more to do with Hernandez (never been a fan) causing a fuss that he hasn’t been getting playing time. Which is fair, I suppose. But Davies was an instrumental part of the team winning a treble. So he kinda earned it, no? No matter his age. Being out form is kind of a joke since they literally just won the Champions League and they’ve played a handful of games since (and hardly any important games). In general, the team has been pretty flat (which is to be expected). Sure, give Alphonso a bit of a rest mentally and physically but calling him “out of form” publicly doesn’t sit right with me.  Perhaps I am being an over-protective, coddling parent-type to our national hero here but feels like it’s now how you treat a player who has been a star player for you and literally just turned you from a relative nobody to a “superstar manager”. I get that squad rotation is a thing. And I also get that handling a bunch of stars egos like Hernandez is also a thing. But don’t come out and say this kids form has dipped when the entire team has looked very average. This may be an overreaction for having an inferiority complex as a Canadian football fan but I don’t know. Again, doesn’t feel right.
    • I like how MLSsoccer.com puts out an article of Reyna getting an assist (but shy away from the fact Dortmund lost 3-1). A more balanced headline would read: Reyna provides assist in 3-1 loss to Lazio. Instead, they tuck the scoreline into the last sentence of the article lol As for Davies, my guess is that he starts from the bench against Atletico and Hernandez gets the start against his former club. The Bundesliga fixture would probably depend on how the CL game goes, but I would not be surprised to see Davies start that one from the bench as well. As an aside, Gnabry is out due to Covid-19, so perhaps he will be seen as winger depth until the German returns.
    • Scotland Charlie Trafford played the final 33 minutes in a 4-2 loss to Aberdeen.
    • It’s scary how much this goal reminded me of Hoilett’s goal at the 2017 Gold Cup.  Down 2-0, late in the game, screamer from deep, against Andre Blake and the exact same goal celebration (let’s get back and get another).  If only this was Tajon’s first goal for the team haha!
    • Watching tonight's Champions League highlights and they mentioned again that it was just 8 weeks ago that Bayern won the title. And this first half of the season has been compressed.  Not surprisingly, the whole Bayern defence looked mentally tired when I have seen them.  And not been convinced by Sule, who should be one of the freshest.   (Shocking hair on Navas. by the way). 
    • These guys think that Davies might still start tomorrow (check out the sub-headline by the way): https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2020/10/20/21524691/bayern-munich-vs-atletico-madrid-champions-league-lineups-team-news-alphonso-davies-muller-gnabry If he doesn't start tomorrow and presumably he will on the weekend. I can't see that, with Flick indicating that Davies needs a physical and mental break (in another article from that same website) that he would start both - it's more likely that he will start neither than starting both but I suspect there will be some squad rotation. Still, I give it about 34 minutes from this post before we see the first "Dest is the top left back in Concacaf" from some American fans after he went 90 for Barcelona today in their CCL match against the Hungarian champs while news of "Davies form has dropped" starts to spread. And while I'm here talking about CCL, I wasn't aware that PSG now had Verratti, Keane and Florenzi. Heck, they have more Italian players now than some of the bigger Italian clubs regularly start.
    • Yeah I get the sense this is partly Flick giving Hernandez a run in the team. Like you say, he is an expensive player, but also one in good form at the moment. I think I saw he was man of the match when France played Portugal over the international break? I was just on one of the Bayern forms and some of them are pointing out that Davies hasn't been good, but they are in his corner, citing his age and the number of games he has played. Apparently Davies played the 7th most minutes for Bayern last season (+3700 min).  A lot of them seem to want Davies at LB and Hernandez at CB for what it is worth, but I think they are soured at the fact Alaba wants a salary bump or wants out, this at a time where his form has been questionable. I don't blame Flick for keeping him in the side though. You want a player to stay you don't bench him. It is convenient for Flick that Hernandez is in form and Davies is out of form and in need of a reset, physically and mentally.
    • We shall see, I guess. If anything it give me a reason to dislike Gerrard again. 2006 is not that long ago. 
    • Hernandez is a 70+mill pound player and a World Cup winner (where he played every game, I believe).  Davies got a chance because of his injury and others but showed, at his best, that he was important part of a team that can win everything. They should play a lot of games again and he will get chances, happy for him to miss some games if it means he can show his best when he plays.  
    • English League One Leutwiler plays 4th game in a row.  His Fleetwood Town lose 1-0 away to Accrington Stanley.
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