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    • The move was supposedly about to happen, but then he returned to Colo Colo from his previous loan and started getting playing time
    • Well I will attempt to do some Canadian minute tallies for us! Starting with, shockingly, PFC... Not counting Blasco/McCurdy and I am counting Macnaughton, as he is CNT eligible PFC- 3,492 League (698/game). 1,518 in CC . HFX- 1,844 League (461/game). 1,077 in CC. Cavalry- 3,515 League (703/game). 1,553 in CC. York 9- 2,916 League (729/game). 1,441 in CC. FC Edmonton- 1,457 League (486/game). Forge FC- 3,714 League (619/game).  Valour FC- 3, 896 League (779/game). A few obvious tiers here... Valour, Cavalry, York, and PFC are doing a wonderful job of playing many Canadians. They are basically averaging 8ish Canadians playing a full 90 each game (obviously it works out a little differently with substitutions and such. Forge is also doing very well and are avergaing having just under 7 Canadians play a full 90 each game.  Halifax and Edmonton are in the obvious bottom tier. They are still giving Canadians meaningful professional minutes when compared to our previous state of nothing! But you would like to see it be higher.     
    • Leaving York 9 aside for now where the announced numbers are clearly a lot higher than actual attendance so far making their discussion somewhat pointless, it will be interesting to see what happens in the better weather months. I was checking out an old North York Rockets program from 30 years ago last night and their 1989 regular season ran from May 28 to Sept 10 with Sunday evening kick-offs predominating. The conventional wisdom in the past in Canadian pro soccer was definitely to go for weekends and the warm weather months when a soccer crowd skewed very heavily towards recent immigrants and the stadiums available tended to be bleacher seating with no roof. The only problem with that strategy is that a lot of people try to get out of town on weekends when the weather's good especially on long weekends in the summer. The CFL seems to favour the fall after Labour Day more on attendance because their demographic has historically tended to head out to the cottage, etc.
    • Soccer players have free agency at the end of their contract under FIFA rules, so the parallels with the NHL are far from exact. Think Pacific appear to have done that in part because they spent more than they probably should have on a trio of older ex-CMNT players, who are living off past reputation at this stage of their career, and it limited their options on filling out the rest of their roster.
    • @Corazon Thanks for the update - it seems to me that we have more Canadians playing this year than we did last year at the same time. Importantly, for me, is also the fact that the top 5 in player minutes are solid CNT contributors (and not over the hill players on the decline) and the next 5 (and 11-15) include some exciting young prospects. And kudos to TFC for playing 5 Canadians the other night - we're getting there.
    • Hard to imagine a 22 year old who is starting to see first team minutes with Chilean giants Colo Colo go directly to the CPL.  It would be a huge pick up for CPL if it did come to fruition.
    • The Serie A season has come to a close and Atalanta have finished in 3rd place. This is their highest ever finish in their 112 year history and will be their first time playing in the best European competition. In this world of modern football where money so often equals success, it is so nice to see a story like this. This isn't a wealthy owner coming in and taking a forgotten team to new heights. This is just a smart project and great coaching combining to overcome so many obstacles that small teams face.  8 years ago they were in Serie B. 5 seasons ago they avoided relegation on the last day of the Serie A season. Historically a team that has finished in the lower half of the table, they have placed 4th, 7th and now 3rd in the last 3 seasons. They have done this while regularly selling many of their best young players: Kessie, Caldara, Conti, Gagliardini, Cristante, Spinazolla. 13 games unbeaten in the league to end the season with all of the pressure on their shoulders to achieve this historic result. Being able to overcome the disappointment of losing the Coppa Italia final, which would have been their first trophy in something like 6 decades! This fairy tale won't last forever. The economics of the sport will catch up to them eventually. But I am so happy for their supporters.
    • Probably a money issue, they need it for the qualification in October. Probably either Toulon of Q. Too bad indeed but it is what it is. 
    • So what?!? It matters not how many teams are in the first round and we could double the size of the league and it would make no difference. Why do you think the number of teams in the first round matters? It's not like they are all going to play in the same stadium on the same day. The first round of last years FA cup was 80 teams FFS.
    • This team is getting better and better. More cohesive. 
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