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    Canadian Championship Quarterfinals: What does this mean for the CanPL?

    The Quarterfinals have passed and only 4 clubs remain in the Canadian Championship. The battle for the Voyageurs Cup has lead to some fantastic ties, and with only more excitement to come, it can only get better.

    Being in its inaugural year the Canadian Premier League (CanPL) clubs are getting their first taste of cup action, and their first swing at the Voyageurs Cup. With three CanPL clubs making it to the quarterfinals, they did not disappoint.

    York9, Cavalry FC, and HFX Wanderers had the rest of the league at their backs. They put on a spectacle and proved their worth against MLS and USL clubs. But what does this mean for the CanPL? Is it the beginning of something special, or just a flash in the pan?


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    • There may be hope if the new Sporting Director does what he says he wants to do and makes the Whitecaps a development team like he did with Schalke in the Bundesliga. And maybe he can use his connections as a selling point.      My hope is that they won't try to trap a guy like Eustaquio, like Orlando tried with Larin, because it would ruin this selling point for any future players they try it with.. hopefully. 
    • We should all be so lucky to be "imprisoned" by playing a sport for 6 figures.
    • Didn't see a replay but it looked like he drew a foul in the corner late... No call and they go the other way and get the penalty. I hope when the defense gets heathy he gets a shot at wing . He looks more dangerous than Coman. Watching him play lb is boring... Let phonzie run!!
    • I don’t care if he goes to MLS, I think Vancouver is a waste.
    • Well I guess the Canadian national team has come along way no? It was not long ago where this national team still had a few players playing for that popular club Unattached FC, now people on here are complaining that a player is going to the MLS lol. People keep forgetting that national teams like the US and Costa Rica have advanced past their group stage and both countries have won World Cup knock out rounds with more than a few MLS players on their rosters and starting lineups, beating top 10 world ranked national teams at that. Moreover, the MLS caliber has improved since the US and Costa Rica had good runs at World Cups with many MLS players on their rosters , so not concerned at all with having more Canadians in the MLS like a Cavallini . Let’s concern ourselves with this suspect coach that we have at the moment who is lucky right now to have some of the best Canadian talent Canada has ever had in front of him let’s hope he really knows what he is doing.
    • Why would he be in MLS for just one season? He will most likely be offered the standard 2 years + 2 club option years. They will lock him in at a low $ contract since he has few offers at the moment due to his injury. And when he does well and attracts reasonable but not amazing offers, they won't sell him.   MLS will be a prison sentence for Eustaquio. I hope he has other options. 
    • Has had like 4 coaches since he’s joined, poor recruitment, poor game plans. If he goes to Vancouver he will feel at home as they are also a poor team, with a lack of investment (even though the money is there)
    • Well this is definitely disappointing as he will spend his prime career years in MLS instead of a more competitive league.   Unfortunately after a hot start in Mexico, Cavallini could not stay consistent enough to attract a contract from the top clubs in Mexico, nevermind Europe. If MLS is going to show him the most money then so be it and good luck to him.  
    • Davies a bit disoriented at times defending in the second half, always seemed to provide an option to move the ball forward quickly on the wing, but overall not as dangerous late on as Bayern lose 2-1 on a PK coming from a horrible slide challenge from the sub Martinez in the penalty area.   He had a chance in injury time to hit a one-time sitter from just outside the box, but took a first touch and got his shot blocked.   Alphonso has performed admirably in this prolonged starting stint, but I expect after the winter break he will lose his starting spot when CB’s return from injury and they move Alaba back to LB.  Hopefully he can work hard in training, continue to impress when given opportunities and start to develop some greater offensive threat. Note: the Fox commentators seemed very impressed with Davies and his electric pace  and at one point brought up the same point being thrown around here - potential to become a star LB but should not be “wasted” at LB for his country.
    • https://northerntribune.ca/halifax-wanderers-2019-re-signings/  
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