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    Basement Battle : Wanderers v York Preview

    HFX Wanderers begin their first real run of home games this year with a test against York 9 FC. Both teams have struggled to pick up points early in the spring season, which lends added impetus to a match that both sides will hope to use to kick-start their campaign. 

    Each side comes into this one off the back of a 2-0 loss, with Wanderers falling to Cavalry in Calgary and York dropping their home opener to Forge in a clash marred by brutal weather conditions. 

    With the finish line somehow already in sight in this abbreviated spring season, this is a crucial match for both sides as they look to start moving up the table.


    Read more on the NSXI Network.

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    • Another assume: If Panama was as rich as Qatar, I won't blame them to get Anguilla play with them weekly to crank the damn points all the way up.  If there were five more  nations were as rich as Qatar, I would love to see them doing the same way to let Mexico and USA crying in damn 7-35 hell.
    • Clanachan comments on expansion. Video is from Oct 24th, 2019 and currently has 192 views on youtube. Expansion bit starts at 2:28: https://youtu.be/VfxpFAVTbXc Summary: He doesn't sound optimistic for 2020. Biggest barrier is facilities.
    • Once you get out of the group its pretty simple to sell.  Five two-legged playoffs and you need to win all five.
    • The reasons the alternate route is not good over many reasons is basically I think everyone involved including, us, players, media etc are just completely over Canada playing all these tiny countries. We're trying to sell this to everyone and now we have 2 more years of slogging thru this. It's enough already It's definitely leaves no room for a banana peel but I think we'd likely make at least the interconinental either way. But if I have to watch Canada v St Vincent Grenadine in front of 8000 people at BMO field im gonna puke
    • Because it was at home, now you are on the road and you are damn sure the USA was going to do things different with a different roster.  The adjustments herdman made for the first game worked..he tried to craft a gameplan to match the opponent and situation for game 2 and we got ****** by a bad bounce minutes into the game.  And from there on they couldnt get it back and I blame that on too few games, not enough real tests for this team in the last few years.   
    • I will take it if both happened.😋😋  
    • Haiti fights Costa Rica to a draw. Haiti is too far back in terms of points for this to matter. Costa Rica's FIFA ranking won't drop that much. Honduras beats Trinidad & Tobago as expected. Honduras can't fall out of the top 6 in terms of FIFA ranking points now. It really comes down to El Salvador vs the Dominican Republic &/or the USA somehow being absurdly bad against Cuba.
    • I didn’t mean to imply that the 14-16 games was guaranteed - it is just the number we would get if we go the distance in the process.   Like I said - I think we get through to the semis without worrying too much, assuming the QF knockout round is seeded.  That means we should get 10 games at least - 6 if we are in a group of 4, and then 2 each in QF and SF.   The opposition is def weaker, but they are at least meaningful games.  And there is the potential for a solid number of games against good opposition if we go far enough. QF, SF, F, and intercontinental playoff would be 8 potential games against decent opposition.   Just trying to look on the bright side.  
    • Mathematically speaking it’s actually 4 to 16 games. We are far from guaranteed 14 games. Especially since I feel like the group of teams outside the top 6 may be the strongest it has ever been. Panama, Curaçao, Haiti, Guatemala, and to a lesser extent T&T are all quality teams. It would be a huge shock for us to not win our group (since presumably it will be seeded), but the QF could be against one of those teams and then it’s certainly possible we stumble at that step. Haiti and Curaçao have tied Costa Rica 3 times in 4 games in the Nations League, not to mention Haiti finishing ahead of Costa Rica in the Gold Cup group stage and then beating us in the QF. And Curaçao finished ahead of 2 would-be hex teams (Honduras and El Salvador) in the Gold Cup group stage as well. The hex would guarantee 10 games all more high profile than any we would have in the lower route save for the inter continental playoff or game with the 4th hex team, if we are to make it that far. It wouldn’t be easy by any stretch, but give me the hex any day.
    • The draw for the inter-confederation play-offs was held as part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Preliminary Draw. For WC2026, Unlike previous tournaments, it was agreed that there will be no general preliminary draw, with various draws to be held separately due to "a different timeline" for various confederations. So, the suspension could be a long lasting one until end of 2021.
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