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    • just noticed this one you snuck in there, and i agree 100%.
    • Thanks for that. And now, back to the important discussion about slashing late in an NHL playoff game.....
    • I don't mind Wheeler. Having an English accented play by play guy has become rote/cliche in North American soccer broadcasting - so I was happy OneSoccer went in a different direction. His use of alliteration in calling goals (Davies in Dreamland, Phonzie having all the fun) is just pure cringe though.  Nevertheless, I don't like how divisive he has become within the community. Every single game, twitter is ablaze with people throwing Wheeler under the bus.  OneSoccer simply doesn't need that negativity. That's enough for me to want him replaced.  The play by play guy should not have this much attention.  The guy I'd like to see come on board is former Whitecaps play by play guy, Peter Schaad. Knowledgeable, no nonsense, and yet still passionate.   
    • my app stopped working for casting through my chromecast a week and a half ago. i then casted my tab to the tv off my chromebook and that worked ok, but skippy and the audio didn't sync with the video. then i hooked up my chromebook to my tv with the hdmi cord for the costa rica game and it worked perfectly. pain in the a$$ but it is what it is.
    • It has to be only a matter of time. There's no way he doesn't get bought by a bigger club after his performance this tournament. There will be a lot of eyes on him against Mexico and hopefully he has his best game yet.
    • I've been trying to find videos on youtube of Mexican-based pundits talking about Canada ahead of the semi-final as I'm curious as to what they might be saying about us, but the only one I have found the Mexican pundits seem more interested in talking about how shit and unimpressive they think the US is in this tourney. Is that perhaps the ultimate insult - they think we are so shit they aren't even going to talk about how allegedly shit we are?  
    • This. Edit: Microsoft Edge has this functionality under More options > More tools > Cast to Media device
    • now "growth of the fanbase" is a different focus for conversation. right now, wheeler isn't the biggest obstacle for fanbase growth, the whole concept and execution of onesoccer itself is.... ...better take cover for a minute   while onesoccer is awesome for already diehard fans of the national teams like us, and i know they've pumped a crazy amount of cash into the national team program, it does nothing to attract new fans to the program. and i'm not talking about our buddies that we make watch games with us. i'm talking about hundreds of thousands of joe shmoe's across the country that might tune in to watch a game while they're channel surfing, or might watch a game that's on at the pub. sidebar: a few weeks ago i asked the manager at the pub if they can get onesoccer, he had no idea what it is. that's on them, not him. they should be marketing it like crazy and offering it for next to nothing to pubs and restaurants to get as many eyeballs on the games as possible. so no need to finger point at wheeler as a deterrent for fanbase growth, we're the only people watching anyways. rant over.......for now 
    • The fact you are bragging about your likes on the Costa Rica thread when we have a Mexico semi-final in two days pretty proves my point, I'd say. I mean, no one has even analysed the rival yet over there, there are more posts today on Wheeler.  Word!  
    • I've tried it all. Browser and app. Chromecast dongle and Android TV box. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't with no rhyme or reason. 
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