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    • Disagree with everything said. A lot of people watched Fox because it's easier to flip the TV on and utilize their basic cable package than hook up the HDMI to their laptop or use Chromecast, and knowing how the feed routinely kicks out on Onesoccer, they opted for the more pain-free option of channel 28.  Commentary is a major obstacle? No, the team's performance is the first, second, third and fourth factor into getting more eyeballs watching the men's national team. If people are new to watching the national team, they have budding interest in the sport and they want to see how the country does in said sport. How the team plays and how entertaining the matches are, which will be taken care of visually, is what's going to keep their viewership. The commentary is not a big enough factor to cause any sort of deterrent.  Anyhow, like I mentioned in the Costa Rica match thread, the main issue is in the sound production. Right now the commentary volume is too loud and drowns the in stadium noise out. The in stadium noise should be the main focal point and the commentary volume should compliment it, not overtake it. They fix that, I doubt people would be complaining.  
    • At this point, I feel like you're just relying on semantics. "Kind of empty", "somewhat empty", "partially empty" - however you want to phrase. The lower bowl can look between a little over half to three-quarters full and still host a crowd on par with most other teams in the CPL, and well within the 4,000-6,000 range. The official numbers, ticket sales and crowds I've seen over the course of five years all back that up. If you want to rely on your few odd matches that had some bad weather as the defining standard, then go for it.  I stand to be corrected on the NASL => USL jump, but I've always understood it be more about them reading the tea leaves and switching to the more stable league. I don't think it was so much about expansion fees and lack of ticket sales (though the club admittedly lost money over the years) as it was about finding a long-term, stable home. And as per above, the fan base seems healthy enough that they'll be fine in the long run with the CPL (especially with Atletico as backers).  I wonder about the virtual adds and such myself, but I suspect they'll be doing away with that (or least the ones projected on the stands; the pitch ads I'm fine with). During the bubble, the fan tickets sold at IG Field were intentionally on the side of the stadium *not* covered in the camera shots to avoid this issue. But looking at ticket sales for Valour now, it looks like they're selling tickets back on the side to be covered by the camera. With local ads being displayed in each stadium, I don't think there's really the need for all the digital overlays in the stadium, but who knows.  As for your consistent harping on empty seats in stands, I don't really know what I can say to someone who won't reconsider his views in light of evidence and testimonials from people on the ground. Good luck. 
    • Def seems like a whipping boy situation. People are already saying that now that Brian Rodriguez has returned from his loan he's going to be the new scapegoat.
    • So Bob Bradley watched his team's midfield get bossed around the majority of that recent home game against the Whitecaps, and said "this is great, gimme more of that!"      ???  
    • Cement technician sounds like a mob term.
    • Maybe I am a biased Canadian, but the celebration doesn't seem rational to me. Does the move make sense for LAFC? Sure. Do they need to celebrate it? Not really. It's a piece of business that moves the team forward. I take all of their complaints about him playing poorly into consideration, but he was still starting and/or playing heavy minutes, so was he REALLY that bad for them, or did he just become the whipping boy? Some even called for Bob Bradley's head just for starting him over Cinfuentes, which tells you everything you need to know about their delusion.  In the end, I think they mostly just want minutes going to their young, deserving Ecuadorian international and Kaye was getting in the way of that. He's the oldest of their midfield 3 and was (probably) playing the worst football. If he was the absolute disaster fans are making him out to be he wouldn't of been given the chance to play through it, because it would have hurt the team too much. Kaye is largely a confidence player I think, which explains why he's been good-to-great for Canada in 2021, despite the club struggles. 
    • Cruz Azul (Eustaquio's former team) are known as the Cementeros.
    • I'm just posting in here so everyone knows how important I think this tournament is.
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