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    • Moi aussi, MLS is now secondary for me, though I did enjoy the CONCACAF champions league matches.  
    • Endoh has been close for years but cant score high enough on the english test i believe.  Maybe its the CPL taking up a lot of my local interest but I am barely excited for TFC to play saturday. 
    • In Japan, store shelves are starting to get thin.  J League matches are cancelled until further notice.  Almost all business trips have been cancelled.  Schools from K to 12 are closed until April.   The Olympics are likely to be cancelled.  I can't imagine what it's like in Korea now either, but I believe it's much worse there.  
    • A bit more on Atlético Madrid and their shirt deal and sponsors. Right now they have a Nike deal signed until 2026 but word is they are going to break it and sign with Puma. I forget the numbers but they do not make a lot for the Nike deal, considering their size as a top 20 European club now. I think the fact that they are pressuring Nike makes it easier for them to go to Mexico and sign with a shirt maker there, and come to Canada and do a shirt with Macron. I say this because it would literally be impossible for Barça, you don't risk one of the top shirt deals in the world just to play around in a smaller market with another maker-designer. Atletico might try to sell their shirts in their Ottawa shop, which would make sense, some fans might go for the AtM shirt. Part of the reason AtM bought the Ottawa club and insists on its colours is precisely to build a stronger brand, so as to potentially increase revenue from future shirt deals. I am even surprised that ManCity accepted the Adidas deal in MLS, considering they were with Nike when that happened, but now they've partially sorted that out by aligning all their group's teams with Puma--except NYCFC. Puma not being such a direct rival, though growing.  At some point what might happen in CPL is that a team finds a better deal for the shirt outside the Macron arrangement and begins to pressure the league to get out of the deal. It may take a while. I am surprised that in MLS it hasn't happened yet, considering some teams might and probably do have the power to broker a better deal alone than they are getting from MLS in the league -arranged contract.
    • Looks like Laurent Ciman has obtained his permanent residence status and now counts as domestic for TFC.  I had heard over the winter that two of TFC's internationals  would count as domestic for 2020. I assumed the other would be Endoh, however he is still showing as an international on the roster.
    • Didn't realize the dude was quite so jacked!
    • York9 has the best home kit. 
    • I saw the images on social last night and was unimpressed with Forge kit at first look like several responders here  I went to Forge shop today and purchased 2 ( one for me and one for my son) They look better far  in person and love the champions patch too (Forever First!) The shop had last years kit too; so plain and dull compared to this year version  so for any doubters that have not seen it yet in person, you will like the new kits once you see them 
    • So Gutierrez is a cm?    maybe with the lb is that he couldn’t get a contract elsewhere so he’s got to prove his fitness over the summer to get back to Europe in the fall 
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