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    • Seems like they've pretty evenly split time between the 1st and 2nd divisions since the year 2000.  But since 2010 they've spent far more time in the 1st division than 2nd. Seems like a good place for him to cut his teeth. Other internationals at the club are Elias Mar Omarsson, a 26 year old Icelandic international with 9 caps (0 goals) and one-time capped Dutch-born Guinea international midfielder Ahmad Mendes Moreira. 
    • I'm thinking that with 3 games in a week, Arfield and Hutch may only play a game apiece.  I could see them playing together against the US in Nashville, but with the travel and everything else, I figure that may be the only game they play of the set of 3.  There is going to be heavy rotation in that midfield three, mostly because I don't think the bodies can handle the workload.
    • Nobody is forcing you to read it
    • This is where I'm at with him and you could argue it's an insecure position to take. Here's the thing though - the canadian men's national team is still relatively unpopular no matter who you compare them to. Other countries' national teams (both in and outside of Canada), other Canadian national teams, other domestic soccer teams, other foreign (mostly European) teams - Canadian NT games are never must watch events for the general public in Canada. Even just sticking to within soccer, it's no longer a niche game in this country. My friends who follow the sport generally pay attention to wc/euros, champions league, some EPL, and maybe TFC if they're doing well, in that order. I'm sure most (esp millenials) would say the same in their experience. I'd say there are lots of very knowledgable canadians when it comes to football and we finally have a national team with genuine world class quality that those who only watch the top level (the euro snobs if you will) would still appreciate. All of this makes the amateurish presence of Wheeler stick out like a sore thumb and makes it tough to shed the imagine of Canada as a small time team. It's not just that Wheeler's bad, it's that it's impossible to watch a game and not be distracted by him (and frankly Dunfield belongs in this category too whenever he's on with him). Dobson and Rauter were pretty bad too, but they were at least somewhat low key and you could kind of tune them out (dobson more so). Wheeler is too loud and too umm "unique" to do that - the HOW DID THAT STAY OUT calls when the keeper makes a routine save, the whining about obviously correct refereeing decisions, the cringey goal calls...the only way to actually ignore this is muting the game entirely, which takes away a lot of the enjoyment of actually watching a game. A lot of people in this forum can't stand Wheeler and were quick to take their chance with fox just to avoid him. Can you imagine the people who only watch games with DAZN/BBC/FIFA commentary? If they aren't as into MNT at the outset and Wheeler is the only commentary they can get, I think many would simply stop watching. Point is, we need to find a way to make our mens national team more popular to the masses, especially those who are already familiar with the sport, and having a commentator so noticeably bad is a major obstacle in actually being taken seriously. I'm convinced he will single-handedly turn people off if he's on pbp - we need someone else to be the main guy
    • Just saw a post embedded in FB:  
    • And just to bring it back to Eustaquio- one of the things I am most impressed with is his engine. In the game against CR in the latter part of the second half, he made a flat-out sprint to win the ball back that was pretty impressive.  I would love to see some objective fitness assessments of our guys because I suspect he has to be near the top.   It seems like he never slows down.  
    • is he a terrible commentator? yah. does he affect my game-watching 'experience'? nah, i'm so focused on the game itself i don't even notice him 95% of the time. like when i watched the US game on fox because onesoccer app wasn't working as usual, i hardly even noticed the american commentators. is he enthusiastic about the national team like i am? absolutely. do i respect that he has a high soccer iq? absolutely not. so, i couldn't care less about him doing commentary, i like when he gives info and updates on the national team program, and fast forward past him giving his opinion on onesoccer today. easy enough. conversely, i think he would be best utilized as our national team reporter and game sideline reporter. just give the facts, player updates, interviews, etc., but i guess he's entrenched as the play-by-play guy and onesoccer 'expert' so there's no point complaining about it. onesoccer got my hundred bucks so they couldn't care less what i think anyways.
    • I don’t know.   If you consider Eustaquio as undroppable (which I do) and you are thinking of a midfield 3, I think Hutch and Arfield are probably the next two on the list.   I love what Piette brings, but Hutch (the “octopus”) can not only break plays up, but also distribute the ball and play forward much better.  And I like Kaye, but I consider him to (still) be a at a lower level than Hutch.  We are talking about the guy who captained Besiktas to the Turkish championship and made huge contributions to their success. He isn’t some guy coasting on reputation.   Similar situation with Arfield.  I think Oso has generally been under-rated but if it is a choice between the two of them I think Oso starts on the bench.  Arfield is still a beast when he is healthy - and like Hutch made some pretty big contributions to Rangers’ success this year.    Given their age, I think their situations can be re-assessed as needed, but (again, if healthy) I still think they join Eustaquio in midfield if we are fielding our best 11.  
    • The club has the option to extend the contract by one year with terms already indicated in the contract.
    • On paper it looks centrally focused, but I don't recall us being exposed on the wings vs. the USA at home and you'll recall their best player, Pulisic, was actually stifled out there.
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