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    • Like a lot of you in here, my preference (one side of me) would have like for him to stay in Liga MX and made a move to a bigger Liga Mx club, such as when it was highly rumoured he would be moving on to Atlas (CSA erroneously posted on their IG the signing, later denied by Cav himself) as the deal was ultimately nixed for whatever reason unknown to me. I still see a fair bit of benefits of him coming to a CANMLS club, particularly as a DP as it is rumoured to be and be the highest paid Canadian in MLS circles by my count once he officially joins and the face of the CAPS (one thereof anyways) in terms of driving fans at least regionally and within the VAN city market to support the club + national team to an extent. A lot of it of course would have to do with production, which I think he should at minimum provide decent production I'm sure. CAPS seemed to be becoming the anti-thesis of TFC in terms of opportunities to Canadian players, lmfao. Thereby, despite being in ONT, the CAPS may become my CANMLS club of choice, lmfao. If his production is a successful one, we can never go wrong with having a top CANMNter among the leading goal scorers of the league and should help in bringing a little more exposure to our talented players in these circles anyways. Mean, would have been ideal had it been TFC who picked him up , given his personal preference of MLS team he would go to as that sought out goal-scoring forward they seemed to be targeting , but seems TFC are ambitious in that department in terms of who they are looking (nothing wrong by that by any means, wanna make it clear) but since as it stands, they got one American DP, one European, as a team in a Canadian market, he could  have been the perfect Canadian DP , but still clinging hope that in the not too distant future a Canadian DP is added into the mix, but the way they go about in search of American players and the feeling of being the American reclamation project makes things not so promising for this wish of mine (and prolly meany in here in Toronto/GTA or surrounding areas) to be fulfilled, lmfao!!!! 🤷🏿‍♀️
    • I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here, because those damaged goods are still by far the best big-game player in TFC's history. All I was saying is that he was younger when he joined TFC than Cavallini is now (as was Bradley). Cavallini will be 27 when the transfer window opens, by the way.
    • Yes I did. Been doing that all year. Lol. Thanks. 
    • But his body had the wear and tear of a 30 year old, and now its even worse. Damaged goods.  Conversely Cav is a very young and injury free 26. 
    • It's a minor point, but Altidore was (barely) 25 when he joined TFC. 
    • I suppose I should have pieced it together that the name descended from the 5 % of the population that are of Americo-Liberian heritage, but for some reason that didn't click. Forgive me, but my mind sought alternative reasons for having a name that clearly isn't indigenous to the region. Regardless, I just asked a question FFS. Those are usually pulled out of ones ass. I still think it's a bit unreasonable to complain about the English pronunciation of a German based, Ghanian born Liberian-Canadian with a surname that originated in England and Wales during a time of significant Hebrew influence, but in this particular instance is a result of former American slaves settling an area that's also home to 20+ indigenous groups. 
    • A USL group that bid for the NASL Strikers old stadium in Ft Lauderdale against MLS's Inter Miami lost out, and now the MLS franchise that starts next year will play there (supposedly for 2 years but some think forever or as long as they last) and the Miami FC will be the team that actually plays in Miami proper. Will be very interesting to see how the USL franchise draws. If the MLS franchise actually gets a new stadium built in a few years then its game over for USL in Miami. Weakening NISA was surely an intention for USL.
    • Aird25's comment was obviously pulled out of his ass. Slaves with (unfortunately) previous owners' names settled Liberia FFS. Capital is MONROvia after president Monroe.  
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