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    WWC & GC

    *** Important. Due to the wide range of times these games are shown at and unfortunate collisions with local professional teams you MUST check to ensure the bar is open and the game is on. 

    Victoria - Yates Taphouse
    Vancouver - Library Square 
    Calgary - Home & Away
    Edmonton - Urban Tavern
    Saskatoon - Finn's Pub
    Regina - The Lobby
    Winnipeg - Nicolina's 
    Toronto - Duke of Gloucester. 
    Ottawa - Senate Tavern on Bank
    Hamilton - End Zone Pub
    Montreal - Frappe
    Halifax - Niche Lounge
    Waterloo - RIM Park
    Kitchener - Budd Park

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    • Lassi Lappalainen is in training today...so at least there's that
    • Yes, saw that, good news.
    • For almost all the youngsters in the league the potential opportunity to step up will be a tempting one. I think there are only a handful that could really benefit at the present time. The reality for most is that CPL playing time will be far greater than a squad role with occasional minutes in the MLS or Europe.
    • I think Josh and the players have higher ambitions than the Whitecaps.
    • Holy S***, that needs to get out if true
    • Sorry, I cannot let that lie stand. PFC worked their asses off starting up this team and getting the stadium upgraded. The day they were accepted into the league they put into motion their vision. The stands were designed, built, and installed as fast as they could be (which means the final section for 2019 is still not open.) The City of Langford who is the owner and is paying for the upgrades, decided they would not move the pole this year. The timelines were too tight to get all the work done and they they want to make sure they are spending their money wisely.  If PFC meets an undisclosed attendance threshold, then the next phase begins that includes moving the pole, putting down natural grass, and building the fourth side stand. The only ones I am aware of being lax, was the City of Langford who took their sweet time approving the designs for the new stands which delayed their delivery by about a month by my reckoning.
    • I think it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Looking at the young core, Chung, Legault, Baldisimo, Al-Ghamdi, N. Verhoeven, Z. Verhoven, Hojabrpour, Hernandez, and Campbell, I think there are, at this point, clearly a few guys who may want to jump up and have mutual interest from higher level teams.  Right now: Campbell and N. Verhoeven seem the most likely to want to move up/be coveted by teams like VWC. Based on how their season is going, both these guys could be useful depth addition. I could see Baldisimo and Chung wanting to move up, but hopefully only in the right situation. However, for the rest, I think they will all be back if they are wanted. They have all shown flashes and played here and there, but next year (especially if the ones mentioned leave) their roles could increase. Z. Verhoven, for example, has shown real flashes lately, it would be better for him to move up to a full-time starter for his development. 
    • I voted for Pacific. I really love the stadium, but the camera angle is ridiculously low.  I hope they find some kind of a solution sooner rather than later.
    • Good question. I know Josh recruited a lot of players with a sales pitch of something like "My goal is for you to play for a higher level team than mine." He is very supportive of player development. That said I hope they have signed multi-year deals so that the team can get some transfer money, the lifeblood of developmental/lower league teams.
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