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  • There is no way to sugar-coat it: Valour FC’ spring season was an utter disaster, and despite the team being a relatively young group of players that are still gelling together and finding their feet, there isn’t much excuse for the way things finished. In a league where most of the teams are on par and matches are extremely close, losing 6 games in a row is extremely alarming, and is a sign of major problems.

    Luckily, Valour get a fresh start for the fall season, but we cannot act as if this team will somehow click together at some point if they keep doing what they’re doing – changes need to be made, and the coaching staff has a checklist of things they need to figure out prior to their opening match of the fall against Edmonton on the 17th.

    View the list on the NSXI Network.

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    • Wolves are currently 12th with 7 matches remaining. They're 12 points above the relegation zone and 11 points behind what could potentially be the last Europa League spot. Suffice it to say, they're not playing for anything more than prize money based on Premier League placings at this point. They'd be silly not to give some of their promising young players a look in the remaining games.
    • Exactly this. If that was a World Cup winning goal, no one would even remotely care that it took a deflection. A goal is a goal is a goal. That said, I think there was an element of luck to the goal because of the deflection but David has had a lot of rotten luck this season so it's about time some luck went his way.
    • That was already declined by Besiktas. They said the want at least 15 million euros for Larin and no swap deal.
    • In the top ten for most fouled players, suspect he’d be higher on the list if not for his recent playing time
    • After a bit more digging on the minnow debate. We never really play teams as small as Cayman Islands or US Virgin Islands until the last couple years. But those teams only accounted for 1 of the 5 recent hat tricks. 3 of them against Cuba and 1 against Bermuda. Here are teams definitely not bigger than these opponents we have played in WCQ the last few cycles. 2018 cycle: Dominica, Belize 2014 cycle: Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St Lucia (Jackson had a hat trick against them) 2010 cycle: St. Vincent 2006 cycle: Belize That is 2 games against each of those opponents. The recent output isn't solely due to weaker competition. We are definitely playing better in the role of strong favourite. Hopefully we can also play better in more even match ups too.
    • Cenk Tosun came out injured during Sunday's game. It's being reported as a patellar tendon rupture. He's already had surgery in Turkey and is returning to England for further evaluation. Based on a quick search it sounds like the recovery period could be up to six months. I wonder how this will impact the potential Larin for Tosun swap if it was ever in the works.
    • While it is sad to see a player get injured, it's also just part of the game, and creates opportunity for other players waiting in the wings. I would really love to see Corbeanu get a chance or two in this final stretch of the season and make it count. After watching him with Canada, I think he has what it takes to play in the EPL for a side like Wolves. Ultimately, he needs to compete with the likes of Neto, so he needs to take his opportunity if and when it comes.
    • good point. forgot about that.  I just remember them saying they were going to loan players.
    • https://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-2021-preseason/   Where are the trialists and academy players 
    • Still scoring and putting in great performances for the reserves plus a hugely successful international debut and follow up match. Fingers crossed the break through will come in these last few games.
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