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    5 Things Valour FC Need to Figure Out this Month

    There is no way to sugar-coat it: Valour FC’ spring season was an utter disaster, and despite the team being a relatively young group of players that are still gelling together and finding their feet, there isn’t much excuse for the way things finished. In a league where most of the teams are on par and matches are extremely close, losing 6 games in a row is extremely alarming, and is a sign of major problems.

    Luckily, Valour get a fresh start for the fall season, but we cannot act as if this team will somehow click together at some point if they keep doing what they’re doing – changes need to be made, and the coaching staff has a checklist of things they need to figure out prior to their opening match of the fall against Edmonton on the 17th.

    View the list on the NSXI Network.

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    • I used to be very political (I was reminded of that when I saw one of my classmates get destroyed by Jason Kenny at the legislature in a recent clip) but partially because of that I try to be pretty apolitical these days.  I will say: This is situation makes it even harder for a soccer  supporter that comes from country that:  a) is huge (and so requires so much travel to play games) b) does not as a nation live and breath the sport (and so has its economy/culture completely entwined with it)   Gut punch, no matter how you look at it. 
    • Theoretically, his playing registration could still sit with Valour while he's back training with his parent club. He just can't play official matches until his registration reverts back.
    • You're the epitome of a douchebag...and that includes anyone else here who agrees with this viewpoint. As far as having a beer with you...I wouldn't step into any pub or bar you were in...but I would love to meet you in the alley next to it. The nerve of you thinking you value this country or one's own family more than the rest of us because of your Trumpian views. Go **** yourself.
    • Well then once DT gets ousted next week and then concurrently goes to jail things should be even better for you guys.
    • Hard to say because i remember seeing twitter posts of Dunn joining up with the team in Hartford. Even had some pictures. With the CPL season done, surely he's eligible to play for TFC now.
    • Hopefully, the new manager will give every player that remains on the roster in '21 a fair shot at winning a regular place in the team.
    • I thought Cornelius had a strong match vs Seattle and apart from the collective team gong show performance in the Banc of California stadium awhile back, he has been a solid enough performer in other games, yet MDS always seems to have him on the outside looking in.  Perhaps a change in scenery and coaching staff in 2021 might be a benefit?  Did he impress enough to get the start in the big match vs Portland on Sunday?  
    • Covid is a problem. But before it at least in the USA, things were the best they've been in 20 years.
    • Why doesn’t @SpursFlu start his own COVID related thread in the Off Topic section and refrain for posting his musings in threads about soccer? I understand there’s times when the two intersect but the posts that draw the most ire are the longer ones and the ones in which he attacks other posters calling them dumb and idiots, neither of which are contributing to the conversation at hand.
    • Most of what you wrote is some way outside my wheelhouse. If you're ever going to explain it to me in more detail, it'll definitely have to be over a beer. I won't survive otherwise! 😁
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