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    How we failed the women

    Duane Rollins

    We don’t like life getting in the way of our sports.

    Sports are supposed to shield us from the day-to-day irritations and stresses. They are our escape. So, when “real life” sneaks its way onto the playing fields many get angry.

    “STICK TO SPORTS,” is the cry when someone tries to start a conversation about more serious topics. That’s a best case response. Worse?


    Often the voices calling to be heard are shouted down by those that just want to cheer.

    We see this in soccer all the time, especially as it relates to racism. And, of course, as always, anything that has to do with women. It’s toxic when fans do this. It destroys lives when institutions do it.

    Such is the case of Bob Birarda and the accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment made against him by, so far, 12 different women who were coached by him while part of the Canadian u20 program and Vancouver Whitecaps elite women’s team. The alleged incidents took place in and around 2008.

    The 12 women came forward after Ciara McCormack published a blog detailing the abuse of power she witnessed while at the Whitecaps at that same time.

    I won’t go into the details here as it is better stated by the 12 women and McCormack, but suffice to say it was horrific.

    It also wasn’t a surprise to anyone that has been around Canadian soccer over the past decade. I first heard a version of this story about nine years ago. It’s been whispered by those “in the know” for years.

    Yet, nothing ever was said publicly. Worse, nothing was done privately either. Prior to the accusations finally becoming public Birarda was still coaching women’s soccer for the club Coastal FC. He’s since been suspended by the club pending review of the accusations.

    Over the past while, I’ve been thinking about why I never wrote or talked about these accusations publicly over the last decade. A fear of being sued likely played a role, but I was involved with a show in It’s Called Football (along with this website) that went after matchfixing (Ben Rycroft’s reporting leading the way), corruption in minor soccer (hello, Ben Knight) and talked openly about potential improprieties in Mo Johnston’s relationship with certain player agents.

    In a previous job, I wrote a story accusing the Northern Ontario Minor Hockey Association of systemic racism against aboriginal players.

    So, I’ve pushed the boundaries as a journalist before. Why didn’t I here?

    I should have. And, I apologize for not doing so. 

    The question is one that I don’t yet know the answer to. But, it’s one that I, and everyone who heard the same whispers, needs to keep asking themselves so that it never happens again.

    Ciara McCormack will be a guest on SoccerToday on Monday, live at 11am ET @SoccerTodaySPN

    Edited by Duane Rollins

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    It's a tough one Duane so I don't envy the position in which you found yourself. 

    The Ciara McCormack blog shocked and stunned me. I shared it with a former member of TFC/Canadian International and the obvious frustration and horror on his face and in his body English was a very strong reflection of my own.  Revulsion!

    Ya, realistically, we know that there are terrible men doing terrible things to our female athletes. The cases in the news seem to keep on piling up. The worst has come from the world of USA gymnastics in a case that completely knocks the wind out of one but it doesn't matter if their is one victim or one hundred. 

    I don't have the words so I'll borrow yours.

    Yes, agreed. "We failed the women!"

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    • Glad you're finally done because you've been spewing some serious nonsense and I don't have an UEFA A license nor have I coached or played professionally(well not soccer anyways) but I can see what Herdman is doing. You and everyone that thinks a result here and now against  Mexico is more important than the long term goals of this squad are just laughable.
    • Cheeky line, but I'm still going to save my judgement on Herdman until the end of the tournament. OZ was a stepping stone but he was not our savior by any means. OZ had us playing attractive footy,  helped springboard Cav's & MAK's club career and got us out of a tough Gold Cup group stage. What I do remember from a critical standpoint about 2017 Gold Cup though Re:OZ 1) Honduras & CRC were 100% more focused on WCQ in 2017, as admirable as the two ties in groupt stage were, Honduras barely cared about the 2017 Gold Cup (at least in my eyes). 2) Half our team looked absolutely gassed in the QFs against Jamaica, felt only Hoilett  showed up. 3) OZ made a massive error by starting Vitoria and Jakovic at CB vs Jamaica's speed before subbing in James after both goals, especially since both were already fatigued after the group stage. His decision starting those two lack of pace CB's ultimately costs us the match, especially with Jamaica scoring 5 mins in. When James came in, in the 2nd half, I don't think Jamaica had another shot or counter. I'll save my judgment regarding Herdman until after the tourny is done.    
    • He would have failed. You make it sounds so easy... Seriously, if there are things to take away from this experiment is that you dont sit down defending because they eventually break your defense  The other thing is that if you press their defense, they prove vulnerable and make mistakes to exploit. Lesson is, you got to take it to them, not park the bus  
    • Totally agree that role was begging for Akindele, but Herdman made his choice. What's done is done. I don't see Larin suiting up in that role much anyhow. I think it was partly out of necessity to keep Hoilett fresh for Cuba. What's disappointing (but expected) is that Larin is not playing instinctively. He is definitely putting in the work to stay fit and focused, but it's difficult to find your rhythm when you haven't played regularly. I can see improvements in his game, developed by virtue of training with a high level team like Besiktas week-in and week-out, but now he needs to just find his rhythm again so that he can be the instinctive finisher we know he can be. 
    • I wasn't sure about Osorio after the first game but man did he ever put in a great shift. Also I don't think it's a coincidence that the two guys most familiar with playing in Mexico (Oso and Cav) were two of our best players. Exposure to these leagues and players goes a long way.
    • How is he trolling? You've made so many ridiculous statements but he's the one trolling? 
    • I thought this twitter commentary was notable:  
    • I would argue that Herdman achieved exactly what he wanted, which was to rotate the squad and keep the game within reach until he could bring on some of our big guns. I was impressed by the discipline, fitness and commitment of our guys to keep the defensive shape in the first half. That said, I think KJ was right in that Larin left ZBG with a lot to do defensively. I doubt we will see Larin in this role much in the future.
    • He was in a strange role last night.  Playing as a right winger and often defending deep alongside our box.  The role he played seemed like it would be perfect for a guy like Akindele because it seems Herdman wanted a guy who could hold the ball up and also to have two strikers in the box if Davies was ever unleashed. Unfortunately that never worked out.  Upset that he couldn’t have at least one look.  He may not get other chances as I would expect both Cavallini and David to start vs Cuba and in the QF. 
    • On the other hand he also had a go from range, which I think is uncharacteristic of him. 
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