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    Crime and punishment and Cyle Larin

    Duane Rollins

    Let’s not be subtle here. If the allegations are true – and it’s a little hard to come up with a scenario where they aren’t – then Cyle Larin was, well, a dumbass last night.

    He blew .182 blood alcohol level. That’s not “had a glass of wine too many” drunk. That’s I can’t see straight, blind hammered. There is no way he possibly thought he could drive. There’s very little possibility he thought, period. This was a major, major lapse in judgement and no one should be making excuses for him.

    In fairness – and this is the only bit of fairness I’ll allow him today – he hasn’t come out and made any excuses so far today. He, nor the club/league/CSA, haven't said anything at all. That’s not anything to celebrate, but the lack of excuse making is at least not rage inducing.

    By all accounts, he was “cooperative” during the arrest. Thank God, for small miracles, I guess.

    Look, we all make mistakes. And, we all deserve chances to make up for those mistakes. For two years, in my early 20s, I worked as a correctional officer for young offenders. The idea of redemption and rehabilitation is close to my heart. I will watch Cyle Larin’s next moves closely and, so long as this isn’t a pattern of behaviour, I will continue to wish him the best.

    But the other side of redemption and rehabilitation is consequence. You can’t have the former without the latter and Cyle Larin will need to face consequences for these actions. He most certainly will legally – I suspect he’ll have to park that Mercedes for a while – but he should also face them professionally.

    Earlier today, I ran a poll asking whether Larin should be excluded from Canada’s Gold Cup roster because of this. As of writing, close to 500 people had responded with 55 per cent agreeing that he should be left home.

    The majority is right. This is a serious incident and the CSA needs to react in a serious way. To fail to do so is to value the potential of soccer success over doing the ethically responsible thing.  

    One mistake should not destroy a career. Larin should, and absolutely will, get lots of opportunity to redeem himself. We all should hope he does. But, not before he is appropriately punished.

    Leaving him off the Gold Cup roster is a perfectly appropriate punishment.        


    Edited by Duane Rollins

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    • I would argue that Herdman achieved exactly what he wanted, which was to rotate the squad and keep the game within reach until he could bring on some of our big guns. I was impressed by the discipline, fitness and commitment of our guys to keep the defensive shape in the first half. That said, I think KJ was right in that Larin left ZBG with a lot to do defensively. I doubt we will see Larin in this role much in the future.
    • He was in a strange role last night.  Playing as a right winger and often defending deep alongside our box.  The role he played seemed like it would be perfect for a guy like Akindele because it seems Herdman wanted a guy who could hold the ball up and also to have two strikers in the box if Davies was ever unleashed. Unfortunately that never worked out.  Upset that he couldn’t have at least one look.  He may not get other chances as I would expect both Cavallini and David to start vs Cuba and in the QF. 
    • On the other hand he also had a go from range, which I think is uncharacteristic of him. 
    • Still not sold on Herdman, but I give him props for his strategic approach to developing this team, especially in how he handled squad rotation and tactics last night. I think he got it mostly right from a strategic perspective. Only time will tell, of course, but I strongly suspect that last night's experimentation and challenge against a very tough opponent will advance our program more significantly than any other thing that has happened since Herdman took the reins. For once we have a truly strategic manager, which should bode well for us over the next several years. Herdman, much like MDS, are process-driven dudes. They are all about constant growth, constant learning, constant improvement. I still question whether he has the tactical chops, but he is a quick learner and has surrounded himself with some decent football minds. We need to be patient. This was the first real test we've had, and we learned a ton!! We need to focus on Cuba, rest some guys, then get prepared for (likely) Costa Rica.  I am excited to see how we carry all this learning and growing confidence into that QF match. That will be the next real test. 
    • Tactics were wrong (horrible for first 60min), player selection was wrong.  Bigger picture is clear but would have like to put a better foot forward for this match.     
    • I haven't seen many of the other matches, but is he the young player of the tournament so far? 2 goals and an assist so far. I thought he seemed pretty tentative last night. Didn't want to take shots when he had the opportunity. That one back heal when he was in on goal and even the goal he almost lost it to the last defender.
    • No,I don't "get" the point because it is ridiculous. In the world of marketing, being unique and distinctive is priceless. Anything that helps avoid brand-confusion is to be embraced. Why are you arguing so hard to suppress and confuse the league brand? 
    • Trust me, if Floro could have grinded his way to a 0-0 result against Mexico, he would have done so. He had two chances and lost by a combined score of 5-0. This was neither pass or fail, it was experimentation. Whether this was the right time to do so is up for debate, but I was fine with it.
    • I thought he said that as well but he actually said “culture” and not “coach” but I suppose the deeper meaning is the same.  I wish TSN wasn’t so naive to football.. they should have OZ in studio and a headline that says “FURY OF OZ: EX-CANADA BOSS SOUNDS OFF ON TACTICS AFTER MEXICO LOSS” Being a football country is right at our doorstep but our media is too incompetent to realize how to harness it. Cant be too upset at the loss or care what OZ thinks.  This was house money we were playing with.  It means almost nothing.  The Mexicans can be happy they didn’t trip up and feel confident for next time and then we can throw everything at them with higher stakes. Honestly, Mexico is not a hugely impressive team that is a level above our best XI.  Our best on their best - let’s go, I back our guys.
    • I agree with most of what you're saying. The only thing is, these mega-rich people and companies all got to where they are because of how ruthless they are with their primary businesses. Soccer is a play-thing for them, and they can swallow some losses, but despite all that, the number of people coming out to Wednesday games is becoming a flag that's hard to ignore. I think the York Region thing is allowing us hardcore soccer fans in the York Region and North York to become really attached to this club. But I think we lose some casuals in Vaughan that might have got attached to this club if it was marketed for Vaughan instead. The thing is, the marketing budget has been so weak overall from the club that we aren't really even having a chance to find out what is really the case. And with the stadium being in North York, it can't even be marketed for Vaughan anyways. And putting a team in the burbs is the type of MLS 1.0 things I thought the league was trying to avoid overall if it could. The suburbs simply have far more families that have family obligations and their own activities and the like.
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