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  1. We now know the six Canadian stadiums and cities that are biding to host games in the 2026 World Cup. They are: Toronto’s BMO Field Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Vancouver’s BC Place Edmonton’s Olympic Stadium Regina’s Mosaic Stadium Ottawa’s TD Place There’s a not a lot of surprise on the list. Calgary declined to pursue the bid further, which may be bad news for their Canadian Premier League bid (as getting a stadium built is key to it and failing to bid now suggests that they are not yet sure if it’s going to happen). With Canada set to get six games in total there is a certain logic to suggest that each city is likely to get a single game. Although the caveat to that is that Olympic Stadium will need serious work to be World Cup ready. Another issue is that only one stadium – It’s almost certain that all of the five stadiums will need to put in temporary grass. Of course none of this will matter if Morocco wins the bid. View full record