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Don't Fight The Laws says hello to 2011

Welcome to the new year, footie fiends. With it being Wednesday, it's time to roll out a new edition of Don't Fight The Laws, wherein I'd usually combine my years of refereeing experience with my years of being a smartass to answer your questions about the Laws of the Game, recent controversial decisions and any general queries about referees and what they do.

Trouble is, with everyone having been in a holiday haze for the past few weeks (that's what happens when you put Baileys in your morning coffee), I haven't received any questions as of late. So to make this column a success (or anything at all, really), I'll need your help. Send any and all questions about refs, rules and really bad calls over to canadiansoccerguys@gmail.com, and I'll endeavour to provide a response in an upcoming edition of DFTL.
Beyond soliciting material, I suppose there's no particular point to this installment of the column, other than to show off my spiffy new graphic. Thanks, Jean!