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Ranking draft performance since 2007

Yesterday we published an exhaustive study of the SuperDraft. It concluded that getting true impact payers from the draft was exceedingly difficult and that the best a team can realistically expect for is a decent starter.

Nothing wrong with that, but future stars are exceptionally rare.

Regardless, it is a way to get players and the draft does yield a regular starter in about 25 per cent of first round picks. So, you still want to do it well.

Today, we looked at who has done it well. Looking at the selections since 2007, we determined what the expected number of appearances would be for each pick within a certain range. We then looked to see how many appearances teams actually got from their pick and referenced it as a +/- value.

For teams that have come into the league after 2007 we pro-rated the value so we were comparing apples to apples.

The results:
1. Kansas City +250 (KC got 250 more appearances from their draft picks than should have been expected)
2. Philly +238
3. Galaxy +192
4. Portland +105
5. New England +95
6. Columbus +76
7. DC United +68
8. Houston +32
9. New York +2
10. Montreal +0
11. Toronto -1
12. Dallas -4
13. Chicago -20
14. Seattle -28
15. SLC -53
16. Chivas -59
17. San Jose -63
18. Vancouver -91
19. Colorado -124


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