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Nesta expected to sign with Toronto FC

Talks between Toronto FC and former Italian international Alessandro Nesta are reported to be heating back up.

As reported on CSN earlier this season, the former AC Milan defender was previously linked with New York and had turned down an overture from the Reds. However, after the deal with the Red Bulls fell through for “personal reasons” Nesta has re-visited Toronto's offer, several player agents report.

He was spotted at tonight's game between the Impact and TFC sitting with Bernardo Corradi and Matteo Ferrari. According to an Impact insider who spoke to CSN, Nesta told them that he was at the game as a guest of Toronto.

Two player agents indicated that Nesta was highly likely to sign with TFC in the near future.

The information corresponds with information coming out of TFC that has suggested that the Reds are close to announcing a signing. Paul Mariner has publicly indicated that he expects to bolster the club's back-line prior to next Wednesday's game against FC Dallas.

Although no one with inside knowledge of TFC has confirmed that help is Nesta, the potential signing has been described as “significant.”

Actually, and in contrast with recent reports, it's been suggested that the “significant” signing is completed and that TFC is simply waiting for the ITC to come through.

It's expected that Nesta will be signed to a contract that will be structured in such a way as to not make him a Designated Player in 2012, but to graduate to that status in the latter part of the deal.

The MLS transfer window opened Wednesday and remains open until July 27.