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Beckham may return to MLS

David Beckham says that he’s considering another season in MLS.
“Yeah, you know, there’s a chance,” he said in Toronto Tuesday as the Galaxy prepared to take on Toronto FC. “I haven’t made any decision about what I’m going to do after this year... at the end of the day I am 35 years old, I’ll be 36 in May, and I’m getting older so I’ll need to see how my body feels at the end of the season and if I feel that I can perform and continue then I will continue.”

Beckham stressed that a decision to play in 2012 would not be about a desire to play, but rather an ability to continue to perform at the level he is used to.

“In a few months I will think about what I want to do and (decide). I still love the game like I did when I was 21 years old and I still feel fit. I look after myself,” he said.

The midfielder indicated that he feels fit while playing for the Galaxy this year and is happy with his play so far in the young MLS season.

One reason why Beckham may opt to come back is because he’s seen an improvement on the overall level of play in the league since he first arrived.

“I think it’s defiantly gone up,” he said “You’ve got improved (player) performances and improved team performances and the way the league has gone...with the franchises that have come into this league.

Having players like New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry coming to the league continue to increase its profile and overall skill level. [FONT="]“[/FONT]It can only do good and promote the sport and obviously the MLS,” he added.

One thing that won't factor into Beckham’s decision to return is whether L.A. wins the MLS Cup.

“I think it’s always disappointing when you don’t win trophies,” he said, “but no, (I wouldn’t consider my time in MLS a disappointment). Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time here. I have lots of friends throughout the league, throughout the teams I’ve played against and I think that it’s been very enjoyable.”

Certainly with English Premiership, La Liga and Champions League winner’s medals already won, Beckham doesn’t need silverware to solidify his legacy. However, as a “proud Englishman” there is one competition that does intrigue him – the 2012 London Olympics. And with countries allowed to add three overage players on the otherwise u-23 team, Beckham does seem like a natural fit.

“I think that the Olympics are something that I’d like to be involved in and that I’d like to be involved in as a player.”
However, he cautioned that it was still too early to make plans for 2012.

“We’ll see,” he said. “It’s still a year away.”