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      Covering the world’s game from a Canadian perspective, the 24th Minute has been at the forefront for Toronto FC coverage since 2008. It is the source for breaking news, analysis and all things Canadian soccer.

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      Mike Crampton has been an avid follower of Canadian club soccer and participant in the emergent Canadian soccer supporters scene for over a decade. When not playing, watching, or writing about the game he continues to serve the grassroots as an administrator at the local level. You can follow Mike on Twitter @BHTC_Mike

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      James began covering the game in 2011 after a slow process of two decades saw him gradually consumed by it. He contributes to The Shin Guardian, Waking the Red, and had a piece featured in Issue Two of The Blizzard, as well as maintaining his own site, Partially Obstructed View. He covers the rest of MLS in the hope of providing context to fans on the edge.

    • Leiweke: TFC to make biggest signing in MLS history

      Tim Leiweke's week of silence has been broken. Just when TFC fans thought that the MLSE president was going to let his actions speak rather than his words he made another proclamation tonight.

      According to people in attendance, Leiweke told an audience at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that TFC would make the biggest signing in MLS history within the next 30 days.

      It wasn't clear whether he was talking value or media impact, although it's hard to imagine a name bigger than David Beckham so it was likely the former.

      Or, it might be more empty talk. History suggests that to be the most likely.
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      1. carnifex2005's Avatar
        carnifex2005 -
        Looks like Leiweke knew what he was talking about. I'll never doubt him again.
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