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    • Canadian teams learn USL-Pro opponents for 2013

      Today, the three Canadian MLS teams learned what USL-Pro team their reserve side will be playing in home and home action in 2013.

      Toronto will play the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Vancouver takes on the Richmond Kickers and Montreal plays the Rochester Rhinos.

      In 2013, 14 MLS teams will each play a home and home series between a USL-Pro side and their reserve team. It's part of a transition year plan that will eventually see more integration between the two leagues.

      Chivas USA is the only MLS team not taking part and four teams are affiliating themselves with a USL team.

      The Montreal v Rochester match-up is the most interesting. The two clubs have a long and often rocky history. It's likely Impact fans will treat the game against the Rhinos as being more important than a simple reserve game friendly.
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        Fixed. Thanks.
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        Nice match up for Montreal.
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        We hate Whinos!!
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        This information is on the Riverhounds website

        Fri, June 7, 2013 7:00 PM Toronto FC Reserves at Pittsburgh Riverhounds Highmark Stadium
        Sun, July 28, 2013 TimeTBD Pittsburgh Riverhounds at Toronto FC Reserves VenueTBD
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