• Daniel Squizzato

      As a kid, Squizz spent a lot of time playing soccer, writing and getting overly excited about frivolous things. Not much has changed: he still plays (badly), he still writes (having been published in outlets such as Maclean's and The Globe & Mail) and still has plenty of irrational passion (just wait until the next time the men's national team plays against Honduras).

    • Grant Surridge

      Grant has no soccer playing career to speak of, and probably hasn't been following Canadian soccer as long as you have, but he does spend vast amounts of time reading about soccer online. A proud, self-loathing ex-Winnipeger, Grant also supports Chelsea FC. He writes about the Canadian mens' national team, as well as Canada's rivals in Central America and the Caribbean.
    • Just buy tickets. That's all there is to it. #CanMNT

      Does the sight of a Canadian stadium, overrun with opposing fans, infuriate you? Are you sick of seeing Canada on the sidelines every time the World Cup comes around? Do you take actual pride in this country of ours, and relish opportunities to support proud Canadian athletes in international competition?

      Then there's one massively important thing for you to do. Buy tickets to this summer's World Cup qualifying games.

      Canada plays four times at BMO Field in Toronto this summer: June 3 (friendly vs. USA), June 12 (WCQ vs. Honduras), September 7 (WCQ vs. Panama) and October 12 (WCQ vs. Cuba). Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday), with a pre-sale in effect right now (Thursday, midday) and they're very reasonably priced; details after the jump.

      Fans of those countries will find their way to the games. They will travel. And they will make noise. The only way to neutralize them, the only way to crowd them out and ensure a true home crowd, is for Canadian fans to buy as many tickets as possible, as quickly as possible. If you're reading this site, you're likely already one of the converted; in that case, tell your friends, your coworkers, anyone who will come to the stadium and support Canada.

      If you want Canada to make it to the next World Cup, this is your time to help make it happen.

      Individual game tickets can be had for as little as $25, and package deals for all four games can be had for as little as $80 -- and are on sale to the public as of 10 a.m. ET on Friday.

      Or, if you want to participate, stand and sing for 90 minutes (not just watch others stand and sing, but actually do your part), there's the Canadian supporters section in the south end. Non-Canada supporters, don't bother trying to get these tickets. Trust me.

      It's easy to sit at home and gripe about the CSA, or the number of away fans, or any other number of problems with the game in this country. But right now, Canadians need to put their money where their mouths are. Things will never improve unless we show that there is interest in seeing our national teams succeed.

      Fans from across the country were upset to learn all these games would be played in Toronto -- and frankly, their outrage was understandable. Those in southern Ontario have been gifted with a rare opportunity here. Some fans will travel from Saskatchewan, or further, for these games. Comparatively speaking, jumping on the subway, or a GO train, is nothing.

      Now, let me be clear: I'm fully aware that there are things the CSA could be doing -- but won't do -- to help ensure a pro-Canadian crowd. I'm no CSA shill.

      What I am is a passionate person who fits all the descriptors above. I'm tired of seeing our stadia overrun. I'm tired of watching World Cups without Canada in them. And I take pride in this country and its athletes.

      I've never asked you for a penny over the course of four years of writing and podcasting about this game. But now I'm asking you to put your collected pennies towards filling spaces at BMO Field with real Canadian fans. You, your friends, your coworkers, your family -- anyone who is willing to wear red and cheer for the home team, whether or not they've ever seen a soccer ball before in their lives.

      We all have a part to play if Canada is to get closer to a World Cup, and if the game is to move forward in this country. On this day, we play that part by buying tickets. It's as simple as that.
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      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        I went to the link you gave to buy tickets in the supporters section at the south end, but my only question is after buying my tickets online, where or how do I get them/pick them up?
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        They should be mailed out to you.
      1. peter_tfc's Avatar
        peter_tfc -
        i can't seem to get 9 beside each other. Or 4, or even 2 or even 1 in the Supporters section. You think they're sold out already or they're releasing more?
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        Don't know what to tell you. Jamie, if you're reading this, any thoughts?
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Well done...

        peter_tfc if you can't book online send an email to voyageurstickets@gmail.com and it will get to the right person.
      1. Spungi's Avatar
        Spungi -
        There seems to be tickets still available in 114: http://www.cansoc.org/content.php?18...geurs-Sections
      1. peter_tfc's Avatar
        peter_tfc -
        Thanks Squizz. Jamie, I'll get in contact with you by email and get 8-10 tickets to each of the 4 games in the supporters section. Allez les rouges!
      1. Drew Shaw's Avatar
        Drew Shaw -
        If the CSA held a game within a thousand miles of me, I'd be there in a heartbeat with family and friends. However, they have made it clear that the don't consider it important to market to 3/4 of the country's citizens, so it's largely out of my hands.
      1. BCM's Avatar
        BCM -
        Like always, I'll be out of the country for the qualifiers. I'd like to do my part and purchase and donate some tickets to worthy (and potentially needy) supporters. Squizz, any chance you're interested in deciding who gets the tickets? I'm completely serious about this... if so, you can respond here and we'll find a way to figure out the details.
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        @BCM - Email me: canadiansoccerguys@gmail.com
      1. Dennis Laurie's Avatar
        Dennis Laurie -
        Season Pass, 2 tickets, purchased! Can't wait. Section 120, Row 3!

        If I can't make it to a game (I'm in Ottawa), I'll give them away to a good home. Squizz, could I fire them your way too?
      1. BCM's Avatar
        BCM -
        Quote Originally Posted by squizz View Post
        Done. Looking forward to working something out.
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        @Dennis: Sure. Same deal, drop me an email.
      1. soc's Avatar
        soc -
        Will watch EURO. When CSA hires qualified people, including coaches, then there will be a hope.
      1. Soc's Avatar
        Soc -
        Quote Originally Posted by dennis laurie View Post
        season pass, 2 tickets, purchased! Can't wait. Section 120, row 3!

        If i can't make it to a game (i'm in ottawa), i'll give them away to a good home. Squizz, could i fire them your way too?
        are you giving them for free - or will you pay me to collect them from you ?
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        Quote Originally Posted by soc View Post
        Will watch EURO. When CSA hires qualified people, including coaches, then there will be a hope.
        That's a cop-out. We don't follow Canada to support "the CSA", we follow the teams because they are Canadian athletes representing Canada in a sport we love.

        Then again, you're probably just waiting until the men's national team has success so that you can jump on the bandwagon and pretend that you were supporting all along. Whatever. There are glory hunters everywhere, I guess.
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