• Daniel Squizzato

      As a kid, Squizz spent a lot of time playing soccer, writing and getting overly excited about frivolous things. Not much has changed: he still plays (badly), he still writes (having been published in outlets such as Maclean's and The Globe & Mail) and still has plenty of irrational passion (just wait until the next time the men's national team plays against Honduras).

    • Grant Surridge

      Grant has no soccer playing career to speak of, and probably hasn't been following Canadian soccer as long as you have, but he does spend vast amounts of time reading about soccer online. A proud, self-loathing ex-Winnipeger, Grant also supports Chelsea FC. He writes about the Canadian mens' national team, as well as Canada's rivals in Central America and the Caribbean.
    • Canadian women set to face Brazil next month

      As reported by the Associated Press on Thursday, the Canadian women's national team will be squaring off with #4-ranked Brazil in a friendly on March 24, somewhere in Massachusetts*. The third-party location for the friendly isn't overly unusual, especially for Brazil -- the last time the men's national teams of Canada and Brazil met, in 2008, the game was in Seattle.

      (Update, 9:31 a.m. As per WomensSoccerUnited.com, the match will be played at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, which is regrettably still home to MLS's New England Revolution).

      It's also not unusual to see Canada and Brazil meet each other in the women's game. They've battled three times in the last 15 months, with each match being tied after 90 minutes. Most recently, Canada claimed gold at the 2011 Pan Am Games in a penalty shootout against a depleted Brazilian side, thanks largely to a stellar performance from goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc. Prior to that, in December 2010, Canada drew Brazil twice in a Four Nations tournament in Sao Paulo, with Christine Sinclair scoring this goal in the 83rd minute of the final game:

      This game is in addition to the two planned friendlies on Canadian soil for the CanWNT this year. The Canadian Soccer Association hopes to play an "Olympic send-off" game, as well as a CSA centenary match for the women's side (the men's team plays their centenary match against the USA on June 3). As for the location of those games, all the CSA has said so far is "probably not Toronto".

      And before any of that takes place, Big Red will defend its title at the annual Cyprus Cup. Canada has won the tournament three out of the four times it's been played, including a 2-1 victory over the Netherlands in last year's final. This year, Canada (#7) will face the Netherlands (#14) again, in group stage play, along with Italy (#11) and Scotland (#22). The winner of that group will face the winner of Group A -- France (#6), England (#8), Finland (#20) and Switzerland (#25) -- to determine the champion.

      A replay against France would be a good -- though not truly representative -- sign of how far the team has come in its short time under head coach John Herdman. France, as you'll undoubtedly recall, took the Canadian team out behind the woodshed at last summer's Women's World Cup, in a comprehensive 4-0 thrashing. Let's hope for a much different result this time, if that matchup comes to pass.

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      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        That's one hell of a bent ball.
      1. Diego's Avatar
        Diego -
        I'm really excited to potentially meet France again. And not even just as a World Cup revenge vendetta; I just think they're a great team for our girls to go up against. Happy about the Brazil friendly as well, though I'm almost getting bored of Brazil, lol. Now what does it take to get an invite to the Algarve Cup?
      1. squizz's Avatar
        squizz -
        Good question, Diego. As you may recall, after we won the Cyprus last year, I was advocating for a push to get into the Algarve Cup mix. But as they say, you can only play the team that's put in front of you, so hopefully Canada puts on a good show against this year.
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Don't you think it's odd for neutral teams to play at Gillette Stadium? Isn't that a very large venue?
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Quote Originally Posted by Diego View Post
        Now what does it take to get an invite to the Algarve Cup?
        Maybe Portugal didn't want too many good teams there. Look at their grouping: Portual #37 Hungary #34 Ireland #28 and Wales #47
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        They usually invite the same teams into the two top groups, the five Scandinavian countries, Germany, the U.S. and China. This year Finland is at the Cyprus Cup instead, but I guess they preferred Japan to Canada.
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        The Canada vs. Brazil matchup at Gillette (which is very large, it's where the Patriots play) apparently takes place the same day as a New England Revs match, so maybe they're looking to make it a double-header. Not that either game is going to fill the place, but it's not a totally bizarre place to stage a match.
      1. David Bailey's Avatar
        David Bailey -
        What an absolutely spectacular goal. World class! OK, so, anybody thinking of going to the match?
      1. Tuscan's Avatar
        Tuscan -
        I hope you guys out in Toronto can send a few. In a perfect world, I'd be there in a heart beat, but alas, flights to NE are about as equal as flying to Brazil, which is what I'll hopefully be doing come 2014.
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        A significant community of legal, students and illegal brazilians exist in the greater Boston area, some 6% or more of the Farmingham population is of Brazilian background.

        This is simply a home game na fora do Brasil, consider it game in the extreme North East of Brazil, in Belem or Forteleza.

        This would be great ferry trip for the folks in Yarmouth or south shore of NS to go to Boston for the game.
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