• West Coast Soccer Weekly - Episode 8 (Carl Robinson)

      After technical glitches (warthogs on the pitch) meant a late call-off for last week's show, we're back on track this week with our pre Valentine Day's show, and love is in the air.

      Not the sappy kind that ends up with idiotic men spending too much money on things they could buy the next day for half the price, but a love for everything Vancouver Whitecaps and what the season holds in store for the club and the fans.

      Only one guest this week, as we're joined on the phone from Arizona by new Whitecaps Assistant Coach Carl Robinson.

      The former Welsh international talks about how he's settling into Vancouver, Monday's feisty match against Seattle, how pre-season is going and which players have impressed him so far.

      We look ahead to what lies in store for the season and look back at his move to Toronto, his Welsh international career and the path that took him to coaching in MLS and working with Martin Rennie and Paul Ritchie.

      There's even time for some Scotland-Wales pre World Cup qualifiers banter and a look at the renaissance of Welsh football at both club and country level.

      As if that's not enough for you, Pierce and myself take a look at the recent goings on in Whitecapland and ponder whether Vancouver will play any actual Canadians this season and whether the CSA even know that Vancouver is in Canada.

      We also want to try and get some cool nicknames for the new Caps guys. We have a couple of suggestions and one of them is tied into the gentleman on the right, 50's comic legend Fred Gwynne.

      All that and we may have found a couple of jobs for Tommy Soehn. Have a listen and remember it's a light-hearted show, no staid analysis here.

      You can listen to this week's podcast (and the previous ones) on iTunes HERE or download it for your later listening "pleasure" HERE.

      Or have a listen on one of the players below:

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      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Le toux's nickname should really be "spock". He looks like the vulcan's twin brother!
      1. Registrado's Avatar
        Registrado -
        Love the show guys, but Pierce, you should really ease up on the Toronto insecurity and hate-ons, even if they're half-kidding.. the joke can only last for so long before it gets lame. Have lived all across Canada, I'd say that as Westcoasters, there's tons you can focus on in terms of all the beautiful stuff you've got as an awesome part of Canada. I think I heard a couple of days ago that the West is growing faster than anywhere else too..

        BTW, Michael, I'm not that old, but I know who the Munsters are, even if I didn't ever watch the show.
      1. Registrado's Avatar
        Registrado -
        Quote Originally Posted by Registrado View Post
        ..ease up on the Toronto insecurity and hate-ons, even if they're half-kidding..
        p.s. if you're not sure how it's done, ask Robo how the classy thing is done, or if need be, get a hold of TT in India..
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Love the show dudes, good candid football talk, but whoever it is needs to stop tapping close to the mic, I think its a pen.... STOPPPPP IT!!!!!
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