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    • Canada's Cuban Cruise Secures Semi Spot

      The Canadian Women moved to six points in their group, level with Costa Rica, and clinched a semi final spot, after a comfortable 2-0 win over Cuba at BC Place this evening in the Olympic qualifiers.

      Whatever Canada did tonight, it was always going to be overshadowed by Americaís 14-0 thrashing of the Dominican Republic on Friday as a talking point.

      Despite Cuba being ranked eight places below the Dominicans in the FIFA rankings (in 96th place), this game was never going to see anywhere near that kind of annihilation. Canada donít appear to be built to be a team capable of doing that, and thatís no bad thing.

      In many ways, last night was a freak result. Itís not happened in Olympic qualifying before (8-0 was the previous record) and thatís also no bad thing that it happened, as it might now make CONCACAF review how they deal with future tournaments, to hopefully avoid other such farces.

      Itís nice to see your team win by a confidence building barrel-load, but 2-0 wins do the same job at the end of the day.

      Some games end up pedestrian, and I think tonightís falls into that category. Canada know they need to be professional. They have a job to do, they have points to bag, but most of all, they have injuries to avoid.

      They did all three this evening.

      Christine Sinclair opened Canadaís account on the night in the 17th minute, after Southsidersí fave Kaylyn Kyle was sent sprawling in the box.

      Her fifth goal of the tournament, and second penalty, was her 125th for Canada. An amazing feat and fitting that it was done in a city that has just celebrated itís 125th birthday. Sheís like a train.

      Sinclair turned playmaker seven minutes later, sending in an inch perfect cross onto the head of Melissa Tancredi, who bulleted the ball past Martinez in the Cuba goal.

      Chelsea Buckland, in her first international start, hit the post for Canada, as the hosts played some nice passing moves, without really delivering the final killer ball for the rest of the half.

      Two up at the break the second half wasnít exactly full of excitement for the 12,417 in attendance, a record for a CONCACAF Womenís tournament match in Canada by nearly 5,000.

      Tancredi went inches wide nine minutes into the half, following a nice build up, and Sophie Schmidt had a free kick tipped over late on, but that was pretty much it for the second period.

      A 2-0 final. John Herdman and the girls would have liked a couple more. Their play deserved it, and on another night the goals would have come, but they seldom got out of first gear, because frankly, they didnít have to.

      With eight changes to the starting line up, it wasn't Canada's first choice eleven, and as such, the clicking is seldom immediate. A win's a win though and the girl's did well and were completely untroubled throughout.

      Herdman stayed classy throughout. I watched him when the goals went in and there was no over the top celebrations. He could teach the Americans a lot. The more I see the guy, the more I like him and his approach.

      Kaylyn Kyle was my ĎWoman of the Matchí. She ran non stop, had some great pace and touches and deserved a goal for all her hard work. She came close.

      The win saw Canada clinch a semi final berth. Mondayís game against Costa Rica will decide whether they will finish first or second, but it should be a pretty foregone conclusion.

      The teal and aqua sections of BC place were opened tonight to allow the extra fans in. The competition is clearly growing and, ever so slowly, capturing the imagination of the Vancouver public. I could do without the screaming teenage girls though. Ear piercing!

      With Friday being the crunch day for all four remaining teams, and Olympic qualification on the line, the new CONCACAF Olympic attendance record is going to be broken again, and by some margin.

      We can only hope that that will help the Canadians over the line. If they are to get there, then they need to produce a little more than what was on display tonight.

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      1. Dennis Laurie's Avatar
        Dennis Laurie -
        Of course, you mean you could do without the ear-piercing screaming *of* the teenage girls.Surely we're happy to see them out there supporting the ladies, rather than not there.Just not piercing the ears quite so much...?
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Kyle always works hard but is it good enough? She botched practicallly every corner kick until Schmidt took over - which was a marginal improvement only. Her free kicks were crappy also.

        Second, she had two clear cut opps to score that I recall and blew both of them by scuffing the shot or bad footwork. Tancredi has the same issue and fully displayed it last night.
      1. Trillium's Avatar
        Trillium -
        28/08/1998 Etobicoke Canada 21:0 (14:0) Puerto Rico

        In 1998 Before Even Pelerud took over we won by a score of 21 to 0 against Puerto Rico in a wold cup qualifying tournment in Toronto.

        Not sure where you get the 8 to 0 being a previous high score.

        Search FIFA.com for the results.

        Og go to Wikipedia....

        You will see in 1998

        CONCACAF Women's World Cup Qualifiers record

        Year Result Matches Wins Draws Losses GF GA
        1991 Runner-up 5 4 0 1 23 5
        1994 Runner-up 4 3 0 1 18 6
        1998 Champions 5 5 0 0 42 0
        2002 Runner-up 5 4 0 1 25 3
        2006 Runner-up 2 1 0 1 5 2
        2010 Champions 5 5 0 0 17 0

        Canada played five games and scored 42 points ... to no goals.
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        ^ Olympic event. The scores you're listing are from World Cup qualifying
      1. Alsoran's Avatar
        Alsoran -
        Much heat but not so much light from Kyle. Mottershead did well, but remains to be seen how she will function under high pressure. Need a replacement for Matheson for set pieces.

        As a parent of teenage girls, ear piercings are the least of my problems (relative to other piercings!).....
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