• Daniel Squizzato

      As a kid, Squizz spent a lot of time playing soccer, writing and getting overly excited about frivolous things. Not much has changed: he still plays (badly), he still writes (having been published in outlets such as Maclean's and The Globe & Mail) and still has plenty of irrational passion (just wait until the next time the men's national team plays against Honduras).

    • Grant Surridge

      Grant has no soccer playing career to speak of, and probably hasn't been following Canadian soccer as long as you have, but he does spend vast amounts of time reading about soccer online. A proud, self-loathing ex-Winnipeger, Grant also supports Chelsea FC. He writes about the Canadian mens' national team, as well as Canada's rivals in Central America and the Caribbean.
    • Stephanie Labbe speaks to Some Canadian Guys

      Ahead of this summer's Women's World Cup, we'll be doing audio interviews with a number of members of the Canadian women's national team. Today it's goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe, who talks about growing into her role with Big Red, learning under head coach Carolina Morace and the prospect of playing in the World Cup on Canadian soil in 2015.

      She also gets into the idiosyncrasies of goalkeepers, the soccer environment in her hometown of Edmonton, her alma mater's terrific performance at March Madness and her "5 C" approach to life (which I may or may not have just invented during the course of the podcast).

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